EA Gamescom Press conferenceEA Gamescom Press conference

‘You’ve Been Chosen’ , the teaser of a couple weeks ago said. Developer BioWare... Read

Virtual reality changes everythingVirtual reality changes everything

The most fundamental rules of videogame design have... Read

The Big Indie Pitch – And the winner is…The Big Indie Pitch – And the winner is…

Imagine you develop a game that you truly love and... Read

The challenges of making one game each weekThe challenges of making one game each week

When going independent, developers find themselves... Read

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Nintendo unveils the new 3DS, named “The new 3DS”Nintendo unveils the new 3DS, named “The new 3DS”

Alright everyone, in case you hadn’t heard about... Read

Sacred 3 – Not what it should beSacred 3 – Not what it should be

Once there was a developer called Ascaron Entertainment... Read

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015: Time for a fresh startPro Evolution Soccer 2015: Time for a fresh start

In the last couple of years, Japanese company Konami has... Read

Choose your Dead IslandChoose your Dead Island

Dead Island is relatively a young franchise, the first title launched in 2011, but already... Read


Nisute Weekend Trailers 30 AugustNisute Weekend Trailers 30 August

Time for the weekend trailers! Quite a selection here to choose from so pick your poison. We have a great serving from the third party’s, with Lords of the Fallen, a sneak peak at Dragon Age: Inquisitions multiplayer mode, the esteemed Destiny’s launch trailer and Defence Grid 2′s reveal of a new mob. From Nintendo we have a massive amount to choose from, with... Read

Saints Row: Gat Out of HellSaints Row: Gat Out of Hell

Johnny Gat and Kinzie are sucked in through a Ouija board to battle demons and historical figures, and there main goal is to go up against Lucifer himself in order to save the president. The game will feature online co-op so two people can play. The size of hell will be about half of the size Steelport was in Saints Row 4. Like each new game, this one will feature brand new guns... Read

Pokkén Tournament is the new Pokémon projectPokkén Tournament is the new Pokémon project

A while ago it was discovered that Gamefreak had registered a new trademark, ‘Pokkén Tournament’, and there was much speculation about what the project would entail. A relatively out-of-context screenshots showing two fighting type Pokémon in what appeared to be a stage fit for a fighting game appeared around that time and suggested the new trademark was for an upcoming... Read

Nisute Midweek Trailers 27 AugustNisute Midweek Trailers 27 August

Ok people, here we are at the halfway mark once again. Today we are all over the place. From zombie pinball to fighting Pokémon to basketball. We are catering to all it seems. So don’t let me waste anymore time: enjoy! THIRD PARTY GAME DEVELOPERS The Walking Dead Pinball UFC Rocksmith 2014 Edition GRID Autosport Anomaly 2 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Official Brainiac... Read

Super Smash Kart? Non-Mario characters coming to Mario Kart 8!Super Smash Kart? Non-Mario characters coming to Mario Kart 8!

For anyone who owns Mario Kart you should know that today the first update of significance is arriving. Quickly followed by the first DLC in the form of the three Mercedes karts. But if you feel that driving a Mercedes is selling out, there is good news… Nintendo has announced that two DLC packs are inbound for Mario Kart. These packs add new vehicles, characters and tracks... Read

Nisute Weekend Trailers 23 AugustNisute Weekend Trailers 23 August

Boy do we have good stuff for you all today. Welcome to Nisute Weekend Edition. We are not going to get in your way today with a WALL OF TEXT. But we only going to say a few words here. Keep a lookout for the The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Thank us later. See you all next time. THIRD PARTY GAME DEVELOPERS Destiny – Launch Gameplay Trailer The Crew – On the Road RUGBY... Read

Nisute Midweek Trailers 20 AugustNisute Midweek Trailers 20 August

The Nisute trailer edition after Gamescom is here! We had a really good time in Cologne with Triple-A games as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Alien: Isolation and Heroes of the Storm. Small indie titles as Broforce, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Ori and the Blind Forest also left an excellent impression on us. We hope you enjoyed your time with Gamescom too! Today is also the day... Read

Smeg Hammer Takes on P.T. Aka Silent HillsSmeg Hammer Takes on P.T. Aka Silent Hills

You are probably now aware but for the uninitiated, last week during gamescom a playable trailer, or P.T. for short, appeared on the interweebs and was downloaded and played by many a users. Our very good friends wildoofsmeg and Jackhammer, collectively known as Smeg Hammer decided to have a go at it and record a live stream whilst playing. A small word of caution. The following... Read

Nisute Midweek Gamescom Trailers 13 August 2014Nisute Midweek Gamescom Trailers 13 August 2014

THIRD PARTY GAME DEVELOPERS Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer Alien: Isolation Far Cry 4 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Last Hope Trailer Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Hyrule Warriors Trailer with Zant and a Scimitar The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Assassin’s Creed Unity Paris Horizon GamesCom Trailer Read  Read

Konami’s playable teaser for P.T. turns out to be ‘Silent Hills’Konami’s playable teaser for P.T. turns out to be ‘Silent Hills’

Konami and Hideo Kojima revealed that they would instantly release an effectively scary playable teaser for an upcoming next-gen horror game that was tentatively named P.T. Now there’s an official announcement trailer – still a bit of  a... Read