ONE PIECE Burning Blood (3)

One Piece of Fanservice

Most games based on popular Shounen anime fall in one of two categories: they’re either some sort of RPG, or much more often, they’re some kind of fighting game. Those of the latter category almost always have dubious distinction of being pretty mediocre and adhering to the same old tired formula. With relatively shallow depth, little in the form of character balance and repetitive gameplay even for a fighting game, these games often fail to appeal to a general public and bank on winning over fans of the source material with their often faithful depiction and the promise of a chance to make dream matches a reality.
One Piece: Burning Blood, based on the still running show One Piece, is a new addition to this library of games coming to western shores. And it does nothing to change the identity of anime-based fighters.

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Kerbal Space Program: Dual Shock Rocket Science

All in all, Kerbal Space Program should be appreciated for its complexity and workable physics. It’s fun for any space fanatic, for the game is challenging and makes room for crazy experimental projects. The graphics may not be impressive, but the ku gameplay definitly makes up for it. That being said, it seems barely any effort was put into porting this game to the next gen consoles, with super small texts and cursor to press ant sized icons, making me feel like I was eating M&Ms with chopsticks. It could have been more controller friendly, though games like these generally work better on PC. Put that together with the occasional fps drop while launching bigger vehicles and the game is a lot less enjoyable on the PS4 than it should have been.

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