Nintendo Post E3 Event ReportNintendo Post E3 Event Report

Nintendo has a pretty good E3 this year. Call it somewhat... Read

What shines beneath – Hidden GemsWhat shines beneath – Hidden Gems

Every day brings new trailers, newsposts, screenshots... Read

The Art of Imagination in a Game WorldThe Art of Imagination in a Game World

In a world far, far from our own. Where you can make... Read

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Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force Atlas Titanfall Gaming HeadsetReview: Turtle Beach Ear Force Atlas Titanfall Gaming Headset

A while ago I got to have my hands on Turtle Beach’s... Read

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate – Let’s fly to Asia!Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate – Let’s fly to Asia!

After the appearances on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC... Read

Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 ProReview: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 Pro

Alongside the Turtle Beach Ear Force Atlas Titanfall Gaming... Read

MotoGP 14 – I owned Rossi and Marquez!MotoGP 14 – I owned Rossi and Marquez!

Developer Milestone is all the way in the race genre. Last... Read


Nisute Midweek Trailers 29 July 2014Nisute Midweek Trailers 29 July 2014

Thank you for offering us some of your leisure time to show you the latest trailers out there. A gamer has a very good time nowadays. At Tuesday The Last of Us Remastered launched and today it is time for the second wing of The Curse of Naxxramas. We hope you enjoy our offer of vids. As said The Last of Us reached stores and that has to be celebrated with a launch trailer among... Read

Jagged Alliance gets reboot this fallJagged Alliance gets reboot this fall

Developer Full Control will launch Jagged Alliance Flashback this fall. It is a reboot on the military RPG’s Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance 2 which appeared in the 90’s. The game will hit the PC only platform. The story brings us to the Caribbean’s in 1988 where a corrupt leader holds sway.  The cold war is finished but rebels still fight for democratic values and freedom.... Read

Nisute Weekend Trailers 26 July 2014Nisute Weekend Trailers 26 July 2014

Greetings fellow gamers!! How you all doin’? Sound off like you got a pair. Excellent. Now we can begin. Welcome to another edition of Nisute Weekend trailers, where we sift through the best of the gaming videos the internet has to offer, and put them all in one place. HERE!! We got loads of stuff on offer for you guys. So jump right in and enjoy. See you all next time.   THIRD... Read

Nisute Midweek Trailers 23 JulyNisute Midweek Trailers 23 July

The 23th of July is a day I looked forward to. It’s the day Blizzard releases the first expansion of card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. A break while playing The Curse of Naxxramas is pretty important. What’s better than looking the latest gametrailers in the world? I cannot tell. Videos of triple A games are all available today. Destiny shows its pre-order bonuses... Read

Nisute Weekend Trailers 18 July 2014Nisute Weekend Trailers 18 July 2014

Good afternoon folks. Beautiful gaming weather out today. Cloudy overcast with a spatter of rain. Makes me wanna stay inside and game all day. But first, welcome to an another edition of Nisute Weekend Trailers, you only stop for the best gaming videos and trailers the internet has to offer. Lets begin. Third party devs going strong with Disney Infinity, The Walking Dead Season... Read

Nisute Midweek Trailers 15 July 2014Nisute Midweek Trailers 15 July 2014

Here we go once again with the Nisute Midweek trailers. We got loads of goodies to keep you busy for a few minutes. So get in. THIRD PARTY GAME DEVELOPERS Into the Abyss: Abyss Odyssey Launch Trailer – You can now download this game on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. WWE 2K15 – Pre-order and get Sting as an exclusive character. The game launches on October 31. Battlefield... Read

Nisute Weekend Trailers 12 July 2014Nisute Weekend Trailers 12 July 2014

Good Afternoon boys and girls. Welcome to another edition of Nisute weekend trailers. This weekend, we got loads of stuff to sink your teeth in. Game trailers, gamePlay trailers, teasers and even a one hour video where Andrew House and Mark Cerny talk about 20 years of PlayStation. Im psyched. Lets jump in. Kicking off, we now have the Dragons Teeth DLC teaser for Battlefield 4,... Read

Action Henk might hit consolesAction Henk might hit consoles

Currently developer RageSquid is working hard to launch its debut title Action Henk on Steam. But the Dutch studio is already looking beyond the PC-version. “We would like to bring Action Henk to the consoles”, says programmer Roel Ezendam. Whether the game will come to consoles or not, depends on the finance and technique. “At the moment we are looking if it’s... Read

Nintendo Post E3 Event ReportNintendo Post E3 Event Report

Nintendo has a pretty good E3 this year. Call it somewhat unexpected, but the Big N managed to pleasantly suprise much of the gaming world and even conjure up smiles on our faces and twinkles in our eyes with what may perhaps not be the most mind-blowing set of reveals, but definitely a solid one. Nisute was present during the Nintendo Post E3 event in Utrecht to experience Nintendo’s... Read

Nisute Midweek Trailers 9 July 2014Nisute Midweek Trailers 9 July 2014

Whether you are German, Brazilian or not, yesterday we saw history. We are here to let you further enjoy the moment or remove your tears with some new trailers. What’s better than two new videos from Destiny? Maybe the new announcement of Borderlands from developer Gearbox? Battleborn is the name. You decide which one you like. There is more shooter than you would expect.... Read