Metroid: Samus Returns, in full glory

Metroid: Samus Returns on 3DS is essentially a remake of the 1992 Game Boy title Metroid: Return of Samus (something the similarity in titles is keen to point out). That game is often forgotten and for those who do remember it, it is primarily known for how ambitious yet unplayable it is – it lacks colors, so everything is hard to distinguish, and the absence of a map makes it all too easy to lose your way. Metroid: Samus Returns suffers of no such problems. Samus still goes to SR388 to destroy the last Metroids – but that is pretty much were the similarities between the two versions end. It takes the basic premise from the original and then spins it in to a whole new experience that feels quite different from the green and black environments of before. This is not a simple rehash of an earlier classic: Samus Returns is absolutely a remake done right.

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