By: Patrick J. Traynor

If you’re curious about Kevin or his wacky and eclectic modern-day Renaissance man background as a voice actor for videogames and anime’s. Then you’re in the right place.I interviewed Kevin Kolack, the voice actor of Tokkori from Kirby Right Back At Ya! And Peppers from the One Piece Anime and Game.

Me: How long have you been working in the industry?
Kevin: I worked since 1998 in this industry.

Me: What was your favourite show or movie to work on?
Kevin: Tokkori from Kirby was probably my favourite, I had a lot of freedom with his voice.


Me: Who or what influenced you to become a voice actor?
Kevin: I came to New york to be a regular actor and people really liked my voice and encouraged me to do some voice acting.

Me: What is your favourite band and song?
Kevin: In High school, during the 80’s, I listened to most of the songs popular at the time.

Me: Were you a big gamer as a child?
Kevin: the first game we had was pong, then I got one of the newest computers at the time. Then I got the Atari 2600 and played that.


Me: What do you think of the current game consoles?
Kevin: I have not played the Wii, but that seems like the direction gaming is going.

Me: Do you have any actors who dislike you?
Kevin: Actors don’t really tell you if they dislike you, they just say “Nice job you did great” and they don’t really talk to you after that.

Me: Do you like being a voice actor?
Kevin: I love being a voice actor, it is really fun, but I don’t suggest it to everyone.

Me: Is it easier than being a regular actor?
Kevin: I disagree, voice acting is one of the hardest thing to do, you need to get your voice across, there is no emotion or eye contact to get across with.

Me: Who is your idol?
Kevin: I love Robin Williams, Daniel Day Lewis, RIchard Dreyfuss, Billy Bob Thornton and my favourite, Bill Murray


Me:Do you like voice acting for anime and games?
Kevin: Yes, I love it, Can’t believe I get paid to do it.

Me: What do you think of 4Kids?
Kevin: They make the animes suitable for kids, they in no way intentionally ruin the script. I have no say in which way they edit it, I just voice act for it.

Me: If you had to work on any movie or TV show or movie, which one?
Kevin: The Simpsons.

Me: What other movie or TV Shows will you be working on in the near future?
Kevin: I applied for a voice on the upcoming show Yu-Gi-Oh 4d or 5d, I forgot which one it is called.

Me:Are you getting nuts from all your friends and family asking everything about your job all the time?
Kevin: I love talking about my job, but I don’t really like doing the voices all the time.

Me: Who has the most talent when you voice act? (leaving yourself out of course.)
Kevin: Hank Azaria, he does a load of voices on the Simpsons,


Me: What do you suggest to people who want to voice act?
Kevin: You need to really want to do it to be come one.

Me: You make a lot of money voice acting?
Kevin: You can, if you do a union commercial, you could make $20,000 to $100,000 from just that one commercial, I once got payed $2,000 just to throw voices out and do the commercial.

Me: How did you get the part of Tokkori
Kevin: For Tokkori, his current voice was actually the 7th one I threw out. They sent all my voice ideas over to Japan to Hal and they picked which one suited him, I am not even sure if they spoke any english.

Me: what is your favourite anime or cartoon?
Kevin: I love The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park.

Me: Well thank you for that interview, I really enjoyed it.
Kevin: Me too, have a great weekend!

It was a really fun interview, he was very nice and I enjoyed the time we chatted, be sure to check out all his work at