Today me and Daniel got to see what the Publishing house Topware will have in store for gamers in the upcoming year. We got to see three exclusive previews from developers of previous Topware titles such as the Two Worlds franchise.

The first game we were showed is called Sacrilegium. Its a survival horror game set to come out for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Its set in the modern day world and revolves around a 25 year old woman who is looking for her heritage. When a grandmother she didn’t knew she had dies, she is sent on a journey to eastern europe to find out more about her Family. But things quickly go awry as the lodge she is staying in is assaulted by unknown attackers. The developers say the game will put less emphasis on combat and more on stealth and puzzle solving. The game will mostly play out during the night, but we didn’t get to see what forces of darkness await in eastern Europe. The setting is rural with small lodges and hikers trails being the main gameplay locations. There will also be several driving sequences in the game but little was shown of this. Sacrilegium is schedules to be released Q3 2013.

Iron sky: Invasion is the second game we were showed and it is linked to the movie that is coming out before the end of the year. The premise (a wacky one) is that at the end of the second world war Nazi fled for the earth.. to the moon. Here they lived on in secret until the came across a space probe from earth. And now they’re back, planning to reconquer the world. The game is a Sci-Fi dogfighter with various kinds of Spaceships and ammunitions. It will follow the storyline of the movie, which is usually often isnt a very solid foundation for a game. Creating games for movies has a heavy risk for not reaching its potential because it desperately sticks to the movie. The game will features over two hours of CGI related to the movie. It is planned to release alongside the movie on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Ios and Android.

The last game we were shown is Raven’s Cry. It’s an RPG in which you control a pirate named Raven. Unlike recent takes on pirates, Topware intends to make the game very grim and ruthless. As a child Raven saw his mother get shot, he lost his arm in the process and received a traditional “Hooked hand”. Of course Raven is out for revenge on the pirate captain that raided his village and killed his mother.We were guided through Port Royal and passed a cathouse, and as we passed it a woman ran out but was struck down and dragged back in by her hairs. So this will defintely by an M rated game, but thats what the developers are going for. Dialogue choices will be a choice between bad or worse. One option was to threaten an information with a rifle, and second option want to attach his hand to the table by sticking a knife into it. We didnt get to see much of the combat system because the game is still in Alpha. I have my doubts, because Risen 2 wasn’t a succes so I’m doubtful about the pirate setting. The have is still in early development so we’ll just have to wait for more information to be released.