Welcome back vault hunters, to the wasteland of Pandora. Alot has changed since you have been away. When the original vault hunters killed the destroyer, a special material call Eridium started appearing across the Borderlands. Handsome Jack who is the leader of the Hyperion Corporation, came to the Borderlands to secure this new and rare material. There is a resistance led by Roland to de throne Handsome Jack. It is up to you and the others to finally put an end to his tyranny and give the Borderlands back to the people.

Deciding what character you want to be is a very hard choice especially in Borderlands 2. There are four classes that you may choose.Axton is the commando who’s special ability is to deploy a turret which distracts your enemy and hurts your enemy. As you upgrade his turret it can stick to walls, blow up once it’s deployed, or even allow two turrets to be deployed at once. Next we have ZerO who is an assassin. His abilities included making a copy of himself and becoming invisible for a short time. He is very skilled with hand guns and snipers, and when his skills are upgraded he can do critical damage with his sword and guns. Salvador is the Gunzerker who has the ability to duel wield guns. When he is upgraded he can throw multiple grenades at a time, regenerate health and ammunition. Last but not least we have Maya and she is the Siren. She has the ability to phase lock which which suspends her enemies in mid air. When this power is upgraded phase lock can exploded when the time runs out or even convert enemies into temporary allies.

If you thought that the original Borderlands had alot of guns, it’s nothing compared to the amount of guns that you find in Borderlands 2. With new abilities, elemental damage, rounds, magazine size, and many more editions there is a gun that will suit everyone’s needs. Slag is the new element in Borderlands 2 and it’s the by-product of mining Eridium. When the enemy is covered in slag they will be weakened and will take additional damage from other attacks. A cool ability that have been added to some guns is when you need to reload, the gun will be thrown at your enemy and explode while it regenerates in your hand.

There are tons of new monsters to face when you explore Borderlands. Some of them include Bullymogs, Hyperion robots, Stalkers, Creepers and many more. The monsters in the game have resistance to a certain element such as fir, or corrosive and if shot with these guns it will do less damage. Vehicles have been upgraded and brand new ones will be available to drive. One of them is the Party Truck which has a barrel cannon attached to the back that you are able to fire.

Borderlands 2 is exactly what you want in a sequel, better game play, graphic’s update, compelling story, great visual effects, and more. I doubt that anyone is disappointed in this phenomenal sequel. It’s everything like the original Borderlands just better. With the addition of billions of more guns, monsters, abilities, customization. You will spend hours upon hours playing Borderlands 2, and when you finally manage to beat it, dont forget that there is a Legendary mode which puts your true skills to the test. In the first Borderlands there really wasn’t anything nice to look at at, it was all dirt and more dirt with run down buildings. Borderlands 2 has changed all of that with spectacular scenery and different colors(green) that weren’t included in the first installment.

The main story is rather long which is very good in video games. The story is very well played out and with very shocking moments that come near the end of the story. Even though Handsome Jack is the enemy you can’t help but find him rather funny during parts. The comedy aspect that I loved in the original Borderlands was brought back into the Borderlands 2 which made me really excited. A game that has a very high comedic aspect but is still a bad ass shooter are very hard games to make. The Gearbox team have really out done themselves in Borderlands 2 with many brand new ideas which add a greater aspect and enjoyment to the game. There really isn;t anything to hate about Borderlands 2, honestly I looked throughout the whole game and I loved everything. It’s an overall a must have for gamer’s. So many of my friends play Borderlands 2 and already have fallen in love with it, which I am not surprised about.

The game is outstanding from beginning to end and will always have you laughing,killing, or dying as you try to kill Handsome Jack and free the people of the Borderlands. I will give the game a 94% and probably one of the best games to come out in 2012.Do you think that you are up for the challenge? If your scared to go in alone bring some friends and loot until you cant loot anymore. The game is very difficult and is not for people who can’t game. It’s gets increasingly difficult all the way to the end and more. Go forth and free Borderlands.