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Bungie has promised content for Destiny will happen a lot, hopefully they can keep their word and make Destiny a game for the ages, but as it stands right now it is just another game that people will forget once another big game comes out.

*Since a lot of content will be pushed out for this game in the oncoming months, we have decided that it would be best give Destiny a final score once more content has been added.*

Destiny is a brand new experience brought to you by Bungie, who happens to be the creators of Halo. There has been an abundance of hype about this game as Bungie finally makes its leap to multi platforms. Bungie stated that Destiny will be a long project with more content coming out every so often so gamers always have something to do. Destiny is a first person shooter set in a futuristic sci-fi realm, and it also incorporates MMO elements. The game takes place several hundred years in the future and mankind has colonized different planets, but an event occurred which is called “the collapse”, which saw the colonies decimated and mankind put on the brink of extinction. The only survivors of the collapse live on Earth because they were saved by the Traveler. You take control of a Guardian who is brought back to life by your companion known as ghost. The guardians are humanities last defense to save Earth’s last remaining city.

There are three different classes and races that you are able to choose from. The classes are Titan, Hunter, and Warlock and each has a different special ability and that is pretty much the only difference between the three if we don’t take into consideration how they look. The races include Human, Awoken, and Exo which offer nothing besides looks. I personally chose the Hunter with my race being the Exo. There is very little customization available for your character. You just get to change the color of your characters face, and add a head feature for which the options are very limited there as well. As you level up your guardian there are different abilities that you are able to add. Such as different types of grenades, or being able to triple jump. Your weapon and armor can also add extra abilities like being able to fire faster, or hold extra ammo. The customization features in this game are nothing special which is a let down for me because I always like being able to customize my character.

The campaign for this game isn’t anything special but don’t get me wrong it’s very fun, just not ground breaking. The way it’s told is another issue because it really isn’t told that well which is disappointing. You just fly to each location, which is not controlled by you, and start the mission which usually doesn’t take that long to complete. The first few missions drag on because there really is nothing interesting and they really don’t put up a challenge. However when you get further into the game the enemies become harder and you will find yourself hiding behind cover like you wont believe. As the story progresses it actually becomes interesting and really got me on the edge of my seat at some points. There are about five to six missions in each area and they usually contain one strike mission which pairs you up with two other guardians and fight off challenging enemies.

The game is visually beautiful to look at with all the scenery. One of the features that i really liked was that you could actually see your footprints on the moon, I know it’s a tiny feature but that something that usually gets on people’s nerves. The water effects are very well done, especially on Venus where they just looks amazing. Shadowing in this game was also well done as they were on point pretty much throughout the game. The soundtrack for this game is probably one of my favorite things because it was placed at the right locations for each certain track. For example, when your fighting your way through enemies trying to find the leader, heavy music would come on. The music got me into the game so well I almost didn’t mind dying countless times just so it starts over.

The campaign only takes about ten to twelve hours to complete which is really short, I was hoping the campaign would feature more as well since there is only twenty five story missions and some only take ten to twenty minutes to complete. While others sometimes take longer it goes by really quick and you will be at the end of the game in no time. In order to complete the game you will need you to be a high enough level and have great weapons and armor in order to complete the last mission. You can acquire these by picking them up from defeating enemies or buying them at the tower. The tower features everything you will need in order to take down the enemies on the planets. Here you can acquire weapons, armor, skins for your ghost, stronger vehicles and more. You can level up your character in no time by completing bounties which are offered at the tower and give a nice experience reward.

There are four different kind of enemies throughout the game and you will meet them on different planets, but the Fallen will be on each planet. The Fallen scavenge planets for resources. The hive built underground tunnels on Earth and the Moon. The Vex are androids who look to take over Mars and Venus. Lastly, The Cabal are military amphibians who have taken control of mars. The AI is really bad in this game. I expected to be roaming the moon with enemies everywhere but this is not the case. The AI stay in a selected place and don’t move away from there and they respawn in the exact spot, where’s the fun in that? Besides this, the enemies can get very challenging because there are different classes, if that’s what you would call them of each type of enemy. These enemies are stronger and have a shield which regenerate if you don’t keep dealing damage to them. The bosses at the end of each mission are challenging as well, especially if you’re not equipped well enough.

The multiplayer really doesn’t offer much.There is five different game modes with fancy names but are very familiar, Clash is team death match and Control is domination. Another letdown is the amount of maps that this game offers which is a total of ten maps if you don’t include the exclusive for PlayStation. The size of the maps are fairly big and have tunnels and high points for all different types of battles. The weapon and armor that you acquire during the campaign can be used in multiplayer so if you get a rare weapon that deals a high amount of damage, well you’re in luck. Completing matches will reward you with new weapons and armor as well. The matches take a decent amount of time to finish which is very nice seeming as how most games multiplayer matches are short but not this one. Multiplayer is fun for a while but can get repetitive at times but so can all games. You also earn points in the Crucible which, when you have enough, can be cashed in for legendary weapons.

As of right now Destiny isn’t as good as it was hyped up to be. The game get’s repetitive quickly and the story is poorly told. The nice features Destiny has includes visuals, sounds, and difficulty. There is much for this game to improve on if it doesn’t want to lose players quickly which it seems is already happening since a lot of people aren’t too happy with this game. To improve I think free roam AI would be a great feature to have as the game won’t be so predictable and would always make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. The lack of maps and missions are in need of a very necessary boost. Hopefully the expansion pack that is coming out soon will add a lot of missing features and add some exciting new ones. Bungie has promised content for Destiny will happen a lot, hopefully they can keep their word and make Destiny a game for the ages, but as it stands right now it is just another game that people will forget once another big game comes out.

The first expansion for Destiny will release in December and is titled The Dark Below.