Blizzard has spent the past two days showing off the new games that they have been developing for us to play in the near future. As for the the past couple of years Blizzard has yet to disappoint their fans by show casing brand new games that they have been working on and expansions to the existing franchises such as Starcraft, World of Warcraft and more.

The latest expansion to the World of Warcraft universe, Warlords of Dreanor, is ready to hit stores next week but this expansion isn’t the focus this year pertaining to WoW. The spotlight this year goes to the World of Warcraft movie that is being developed by Duncan Jones says the movie is like, “Avatar and Lord of the Rings at the same time.” The complete cast list has been revealed and there was a trailer which showed the progress so far in the film but it was only to the people who attended Blizzcon.

Blizzard shows off its brand new game, which would be the first in seventeen years which is called Overwatch. The game is a team based multiplayer shooter which will have a decent amount of heroes equipped with their own unique abilities and roles within a team. The game is still early in development so hopefully we will get more news in the near future, but for now we have this amazing trailer.

Heroes of the Storm is going to be getting a beta during January of next year. We have learned that there will be new characters added to the roster which are Jaina Proudmoore, The Lost Vikings, Thrall, and Sylvanas Windrunner. Some brand new battlegrounds were also announced and they are a Diablo themed battleground, Sky Temple, and Tomb of the Spider Queen.

No big News during this years Blizzcon for Diablo 3, but we have learned that the team is dedicated to the Reaper of Souls expansion and have key updates that they are going to release. Version 2.1.2 will have a new kind of treasure goblin added which will drop gems and other crafting materials. Special attention has been given to rifts because some areas, according to the development team, because they didn’t make for good places to have a rift. Attention has also been given to adventure mode because of the lack of randomization in some of the areas. Several other additions will be included in the patch such as ancient items which are more powerful than the legendary items. New monsters will also be included such as one called Rat King.

Starcraft II: The Legacy of the Void will include multiplayer changes from Wings of Liberty and we will see additional units. The campaign will continue to focus on the Protoss species and will be priced as an expansion set. The campaign will consist of approximately twenty missions and will focus on Artanis as the main character. There were two new game modes announced titled Allied Commander and Archon Mode.

HearthStone will receive its first expansion next month. The expansion titled Goblins VS. Gnomes will include brand new cards.

This concludes Blizzcon 2014, we look forward to what Blizzard has to offer us next year.