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Batman: Arkham Knight is the final Batman game by Rocksteady and it is a fantastic. The game boasts beautiful graphics and solid gameplay with a story that'll keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through.


What’s that in the sky? A bat insignia…Faith, Hope…Justice.

Batman: Arkham Knight places you back in the feet of Batman, the Hero of Gotham. But this time round things are different. After all of the justice Batman has served there there was a sense of calmness, crime had fallen and Gotham did’t need a hero. Until Halloween. Gotham needs the Batman and you are thrown right into the action

In Arkham Knight you take the role of Batman in the legendary city of Gotham. This time, Scarecrow has launched an attack on the city and caused a city wide evacuation. Batman will have to face off against many of his greatest foes including Scarecrow, Penguin, Two Face, Firefly and the the new mysterious Arkham Knight.

As Batman you’ll be tasked of taking down these criminal masterminds using your wide variety of combat moves from stealth take downs all the way to beating down thugs with your fists. Of course Batman wouldn’t be Batman without some kick-ass gadgets. You’ll have access to hacking tools and combat gadgets which all play a unique part in each scenario. Oh and did I mention the Batmobile? The Batmobile allows you to traverse the city at high speed and switch instantly to combat mode to take down any large drone combatants you’ll encounter whilst playing.

Throughout Batman: Arkham Knight you learn a lot about Batman and more importantly Bruce Wayne. Batman is tasked with taking down criminal masterminds whilst he also has his own mental battle with himself. A path of self discovery. Who Bruce Wayne actually is? Who is the Batman? These questions are constantly lingering in our heads throughout the story.

The main story of Batman: Arkham Knight follows a set path and will lead you on an adventure which is more of a journey and a discovery. Throughout the story of Batman: Arkham Knight I was kept on the edge of my seat, wanting to know more and see how this all plays out. There are always questions I had in mind whilst playing waiting to discover the grizzly truth.

I was always engaged with each mission I played and I believe that’s partly due to the fact of great storytelling and the flow of gameplay. There are very few occasions where I’d have to wait for a loading screen or a cinematic scene. In fact each cinematic was rendering in engine rather than being CGI, for example Batman may talk to Alfred on his wrist computer and I was still able to rotate the camera and move around. This works extremely well because the game itself is simply beautiful. The detail on each character is lovely and driving through the city of Gotham at night with all the neon lights and the rain is fantastic it looks tremendous and is steady I never saw the game slow down. Not to say that the game is flawless of course, there were the off moments where a character didn’t load in correctly and they’d appear untextured or there’d be a small moment where I’d encounter a small loading pause to allow the game to catch up which is unfortunate but it didn’t make a huge impact to the game.

Batman games have always had a solid combat system and Arkham Knight is no exception. Combat flows well with Batman being able to throw punches to build up combos and create opportunists for special moves to be thrown in to even the odds. I’ll find myself heavily outnumbered a lot of the time and at first it can be tough taking all of those thugs on toe to toe. There’s a solution to this of course, throughout playing you’ll earn skill points which you can spend on a variety of different skill trees including gadgets, the Batmobile, combat skills and many more. As you level you’ll become more and more powerful and be able to shape gameplay to how you want to play.

Just like other Batman games there are plenty of collectibles to go and find. Yep, those infamous Riddler trophies are back and there’s a tonne of them scattered across the large city of Gotham. Many riddles and devilish machinery are located around Gotham for you to pull your hair out trying to solve. Completing these collectibles is optional of course but there is some reward in going after them an achievement for those achievement hunters out there and also you’ll unlock a large amount of concept art and character showcases alongside a bunch of side story from locations around the special. This is great for those lore seekers out there who want to dive right into the Batman universe.

Now if you’re interested enough in Batman Arkham Knight you’ll have access to the Harley Quinn story pack which is gained from Pre-Ordering or purchasing from the online marketplace on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live  or having access to the Season Pass of course.

The Harley Quinn story pack is a small package which is based shortly before the story of Arkham Knight. You’ll be playing as Harley Quinn in the Bludhaven Police Department. As Harley Quinn you’ll take on a different play style and will focus on less stealth and more brutal approach to combat using her unique set of weapons, gadgets and abilities.

The Harley Quinn story pack offers a short burst of fresh and unique gameplay but I have a bone to pick with the pack. It’s a bit too short for my liking. The gameplay is solid and fun but it’s just isn’t enough. There’s no incentive to go back and play it. Overall it took around 20 minutes to complete the story pack. Yes, it helped build up the Arkham Knight story but it felt like it was only a small taste of what’s too come. More content will be provided in the season pass over the next 6 months.

To draw things to a close Batman: Arkham Knight has been a fantastic experience and has been a great pleasure to play. I’ve been engaged to the game over the last week and I’ve loved every bit of it. From beautiful graphics to solid and fun combat Batman: Arkham Knight has finished up the this amazing Batman game series with a very large bang. This is undoubtedly one of the best Batman games ever made and I highly suggest picking up this game this summer, not much else is out right now and missing this game will be a decision you’ll regret.