Fans of the original Phantasy Star Online, spiritual follow-up Phantasy Star Universe, and half-breed official sequel to both, rejoice! For during Sony’s pre-tokyo game show conference, SEGA has announced that PSO2 will be making the jump from PC and PSVita to Playstation 4 in 2016. Not much information is available, other than an announcement trailer, but it looks like the game has received a visual upgrade over the PC version for its PS4 release.

The Phantasy Star series has traditionally been a console game, going back to PSU, PSO, and the older PS games (which are credited with being among the few games that defined the RPG genre in the early days of gaming). It has always been a little odd that PSO2, while perfectly functional with a game controller on the PC, was never released as a console game, despite having all the characteristics of one.

Still no word regarding a western release for the online multiplayer RPG from 2012, but we highly recommend you check out the PSO2 for PS4 announcement trailer regardless.