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One of the best couch co-ops I've ever played. Cons: Slow to start, hard to follow storyline, lacking of musical ambiance. Pros: Smooth Controls, Entertaining dialogue, Interactive World, Modding, Local Co-Op, Turn style fighting. Enjoy gamers.

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Divinity: Original Sin is a RPG styled game with turn-based combat system, a large interactive world, a modding tool and a cooperative multiplayer. Funded by Kickstarter, this highly evolved RPG takes you on an adventure to hunt down evil Sourcers plaguing the land while integrating choice and consequence situations via dialogue.

Let me repeat: local co op! One of the only on the next gen consoles.

So, let’s hit the sweet spots of Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition (DOS).

Game Modes

There are four options regarding the difficulty of the game in which they refer to as modes. Explorer: story and exploration over combat (for you weenies who just like a bedtime story). Classic: equivalent of normal difficulty. Tactician: foes are cunning relentless and in greater numbers (like a challenge?) Honour: It’s game over if your party dies…forever. A.k.a you are a little insane.

I chose Classic because I love a good story but I also like an equally good challenge. Balance is everything, right? Speaking of balance, you play with other characters!


Do you like to crawl out of the dark to assassinate, spew fireballs out of your hands or crack skulls as a warrior? DOS has varying versions of Mage, Rogue and Warrior with specific customizations for each class.

The game begins with your ability to customize TWO characters, strongly hinting at grabbing  your neighbor to utilize the co-op ability. Just walk over to your neighbor and grab him/her. Please don’t. I am not liable if you do.

Like any modernized RPG, character customization is available including hair, skin, voice, and face down to underwear…why underwear? I don’t know. But I’m not complaining about those red undies and neither should you.

DOS customization is unique because of the ability to chose the characters AI personality. Your choices include Knight, Rascal, Maniac, Judge, Priest and Spirit. These personalities are important because it effects what choices non-active characters make and in turn what traits they develop. Traits are determined by your decisions and give you bonus skills to improve gameplay.Traits are based on a sliding scale between Altruistic and Egotistical.

What did I chose? Rascal personality, but certainly not because it’s relatable to my own.  After choosing your favorite AI and type it’s time to Toast some buns in the gameplay.


Do you like the Final Fantasy turn based fight mode? If you do, then you’ll enjoy strategizing with this turn based gameplay. You fight in rounds using AP and when your it’s is gone, your turn is over. The top of the screen displays the order in which you will fight your enemies but you can attack any enemy during your turn.

Every move costs AP, so use it wisely. BOMBS, swords, specials, all your choice! How lucky are you? I found it particularly interesting that you can play off another player’s attack. For example, if you throw a poison cloud, your teammates fire ability can cause the poison cloud to explode, dealing more damage. Therefore, there are multiple combinations that can be used. Utilize co-abilities for maximum effectiveness and damage. This method also encourages you to pick a variety of classes for your team. My ideal setting is Mage, Warrior, Priest and Rogue (variety is good). 

They’ve incorporated a one screen co-op that turns into split-screen when you travel too far from you ally. This is AWESOME. Why? Because you get a full screen while you’re close to an ally with the option of split screen when you wander off to smell the roses (or find loot). This had me questioning; why hadn’t this ever been done before? Back to the loot thing, you can explore pretty much everywhere to gather loot to use or equip. Hold down A to search the area for loot and get to grabbing. The dead don’t need it right? Or is that to cynical? Ah. Oh well. Side note: the gameplay is highly interactive with the world. So click away while exploring.

While adventuring, the interactive story mode displays classic RPG style where your choices have consequences. Particularly likeable is the in game conversation between characters where you chose how the conversations go but it’s determined by the AI personalities and developed traits.

During the cinematic scenes, the graphics are reminiscent of an interactive Story Book. In my opinion this style is A+. I’m all for the next gen cinematic scenes resembling movies, but this method is just as effective. Basically, I’m giving you a heads up not to expect your Halo 5 cinematic scenes. You’ll live. Which brings us to the complex story.


So you’re likely wondering why you’re on this epic adventure? Well so did I. I found the story line a bit slow to start and hard to follow, but I will summarize it as best I can. You and your lovely companion are a pair of Source Hunters on a mission to destroy dangerous magic called “Source”.

Your journey to hunt down evil magic brings all kinds of enemies your way including undead….oooo..zombiessss… Orcs, Sourcers and much more. A group called the Immaculates and their cult leader are the cause of the chaos. I would give plot twists, endings and consequences, but I’m not one to spoil the fun. Also, it would take an entire article if I attempted to summarize the complex story. And with any complex story line there should be equally beautiful mystical music right? Not in this case.


To be completely honest, the music in the game does not match the theme. I was expecting some medieval magical music to listen to while wandering around picking up shrooms. Instead, they have some strange fast paced Japanese-influenced music. I could’ve done without that soundtrack, really. I’m just trying to game and chill. (Not Netflix and chill)

I also encountered a glitch at the beginning of the game where the music stopped and it sounded like a wind tunnel.. hello ..anyone there? However, the sound effects are fantastic and I love the varying voices of different personalities/characters. Have I mentioned I love RPG’s? So what’s my final judgement?


This game reminded me of the classic RPG’s when I was a kid and I won’t lie, it gave me the feels. *Sniffle*. So if you’re looking for a really fun co-op with your partner, friend, compadre, dog or whatever, I highly suggest it. Currently there aren’t many options on the new gen consoles for a local co-op RPG.  With smooth gameplay, fantastic visuals, turn based combat, and customization you’ll be sure to be more than satisfied.