To celebrate Pokémon’s 2oth anniversary, Nintendo released a special Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct to showcase what’s in store for Pokéfans in 2016. Besides confirming that the Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow versions for Virtual Console are indeed released on Pokémon’s birthday (the 27th of February,  tomorrow as of this writing) ánd feature Pokémon Bank support to allow for trading between versions, Nintendo also revealed they are working on a brand new Pokémon adventure for 3DS! The seventh generation of Pokémon will be known under the names Pokémon Sun and  Pokémon Moon, and will be released for Nintendo’s 3DS late this year. The game is to be released in 9 languages, including traditional ánd simplified Chinese for the first time, in addition the seven language that were available in Pokémon X/Y/ORAS.

No actual footage of the new games was shown, nor was there any information as to what kind of adventure of content the game would feature, but it was confirmed that Pokémon Sun and Moon will in fact make use of Pokémon Bank and as such you will be able to trade Pokémon from the virtual console versions of Red/Blue/Yellow to your copy of Pokémon Sun/Moon, which marks the first time generation One Pokémon can be traded to the latest version since Pokémon Gold/Silver in 1999!