Time to get your geek on, people! Nintendo isn’t only branching out into theme parks and movies so it seems. They’ve partnered with none other than VANS to release quite an extensive line of Nintendo themed sneakers.

The line, for both kids and adults cover an extensive portion of Nintendo big Names. Mario was to be expected, but Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt (!) and The Legend of Zelda all make an appearance. Most sneakers go with a vintage 8-bit look but not all of them (I’m looking at you Peach sneakers). Apart from the main print on the shoes they feature nice little touches like NES cartridge graphics on the shoe’s tongue and sweet Game & Over text on the soles. To round things off the VANS x Collection also features other items like flip flops, sweaters, backpacks and caps. Enough to cover you in Nintendo goodness.

“Iconic Styles for everyday!” it could be their new slogan. The VANS x Nintendo collection is available now!