The weekend is finally here and either you have been enjoying the summer sun or enjoying some good gaming! Here we can look at the new games coming to add to our collections. To begin we have the Third Part Developers with games such as Dark Souls III as well as Evolve. In the event you prefer your trailers to be more fitted to your preferred console we have that too, Nintendo have brought  Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice and The Cat Mario Show, PlayStation then bring Battlezone and Kill Strain, while Xbox give Armikrog as well as Mafia III. If you want to see the teams and videos behind your favorite games, never fear, we still have you covered with Development featuring games such as Human by Design and World of Tanks. Finally we have Tips and Tricks to help you out in games like Rocksmith Remastered Edition as well as Battleborne. In addition we also have Soundtracks in case you have enjoyed particular pieces from games that much, with Valley being featured. Make sure to return for the Midweeks if you enjoyed the Weekend Trailers!



Assetto Corsa for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – Out now!

Battleborn – Ernest Skills Overview

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III – Revelations Prologue

Dark Souls III – PC/PS4/X1 – Ashes of Ariandel (DLC #1 announcement) (English Trailer)


Evolve Stage 2- Deepest Dark Launch Trailer [ESRB]

Fallout 4: Nuka-World Trailer feat. Bottle & Cappy

Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle Surprise

KOF XIV – Team Gameplay Trailer #17 “ANTONOV”

Little Nightmares – PS4, XB1, PC – Thanks for visiting us (Gamescom 2016)

NBA 2K17 – The Dream Lives On

Vampyr – Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Virginia Announce Trailer – Play the demo today!

World of Tanks – RNG #60

WWE 2K17 – Goldberg Entrance



Nindies Summer Jam

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Prologue

The Cat Mario Show – Episode 25



Battlezone | Hype Trailer | PlayStation VR

Blackwood Crossing – Reveal Trailer August 2016 | PS4

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Revelations Prologue Trailer | PS4

Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut – Official Trailer | PS4

Kill Strain – Mutants Trailer | PS4

Kill Strain | Siphon Trailer | PS4

Mafia III – Father James and John Donovan: The Mentors Trailer | PS4

Paragon – Narbash Gameplay Highlights Trailer | PS4

PlayStation Now on PC | Available Now

PlayStation VR Worlds | Danger Ball | PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Worlds | Scavengers Odyssey | PlayStation VR

QURARE: Magic Library Trailer | PS4

The Final Station: Year 106 Trailer | PS4

The King of Fighters XIV | Launch trailer | PS4

The Surge – Gamescom Trailer | PS4

Valley – Launch Trailer | PS4

Vampyr – First Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Assetto Corsa OUT NOW on PlayStation® 4 in Europe!



Armikrog Launch Trailer

Mafia III – Father James and John Donovan – The Mentors

Valley Launch Trailer

Xbox – September Games with Gold

Assetto Corsa OUT NOW on Xbox One in Europe!



Blizzard at gamescom | 360° video | Booth tour

Human by Design – Ethical Framework for Human Augmentation

World of Tanks – What is a tank? History of Tanks

PS VR Developer Diaries | Ep. 1 A Vision for the Future of Play | PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Worlds | Scavengers Odyssey Air Studios Orchestral Recording | PlayStation VR



Rocksmith Remastered Edition – Learn How To Play Guitar In 60 Days

Battleborn: Ernest Reveal Stream

Streamisho – Xbox One Release Date Announcement

World’s Hardest Achievements LIVE | Overwatch | Death From Above



01 – Lost Recollections

02 – Ancient Voices

03 – Warm Waves of Happiness

04 – Life Yet In These Metal Bones

05 – Expanse

06 – Dancing Shadows

07 – Hollow Steel

08 – Ascension

09 – Respite

10 – Hubris

11 – Dark Descent

12 – Darkness

13 – Nausia

14 – Thundering Charge

15 – Pandora’s Heart