Its N7 day again and all Mass Effect fans know what that means! New information about anything Mass Effect related. And what is more related to Mass Effect now than the upcoming new game Mass Affect Andromeda. So quick jump in to the latest trailer and we will keep you posted as news breaks by updating this page. On with the Trailer:

Based on speculation of this and last weeks teaser trailer we think the new Mas Effect adventure is a prequel. Is there a loophole? Did we time travel? We can see a Citadel beeing build. So what do you think?

(UPDATE 1) Just in XBOX ONE, now Mass Effect 2 and 3 for backward compatibility (those who know will know that Mass Effect 1 was one of the first to be backward compatible)


(UPDATE 2) And as a sub note, if you haven’t already joined (and if you haven’t why not???) why not join the Andromeda Initiative. Watch the trailer below.