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Battlefield 1 delivers a very well made game with an incredibly fun multiplayer but highly disappointing singleplayer. However, the game is a must buy for the holiday season as it is highly rated amongst fellow gamers!

Single Player Experience

The modern day shooter is commonly associated with intense and futuristic high octane action which has gotten a little dry over the last few years and no one has been brave enough to change that…until now.

Our new shooter stands out as bold, interesting and incredibly unique for a mainstream shooter franchise. In fact, it even managed to move players from one franchise to another. As you’ve already guessed from the title I’m talking about Battlefield 1!

As a pretty avid Battlefield fan I’ve always found something special in the Battlefield franchise. Just the scale and levels of urban combat that were very present in past installments were very fun and I enjoyed them highly. But now Battlefield 1 has gone back in time all the way to the first World War or at least the developer’s vision of what a WW1 game should be.

I may have an unpopular opinion on this, but Battlefield 1 does NOT need to be a 100% accurate depiction of WW1 to be a good game. It’s not about historical accuracy, it’s about it being fun and being highly thematic to that era. To which I say Battlefield 1 does a fantastic job at exactly that. So much so that it is easily competing with, and beating, other holiday release games. So something must be good with the game right?

And to that I would say, yes! Well, sort of…

I personally enjoyed the multiplayer of Battlefield 1 a whole lot more than I did playing the campaign mode which I’ll get into a little later on because there’s something to address there.

The multiplayer in Battlefield 1 has kept true to Battlefield tradition by offering 64 player availability and large maps with multiple classes, weapons and vehicles for you to use. The four multiplayer classes have been jumbled up a little now as well. I’ve found the new system has kept classes much more balanced and has made each class viable for most situations whilst still having specialist abilities on hand.

There is also a fair amount of multiplayer maps to battle on. All of which give their own feel and playstyles to the game which I am certainly a fan of. From the expansive sandy plains of deserts to the Italian mountainside you can battle on land, air and sea.

Whilst I enjoyed the multiplayer a lot there was a rough start to it all. Before the latest update which heavily changed the way multiplayer was balanced I was hardly having an enjoyable time. Thankfully the developers were able to push a patch with relevant changes that put the game on a good and steady path for the future.

Now let’s talk about that darn single player experience…

I am usually a fan of campaigns in shooters, especially since the high standards of Titanfall 2’s brilliant campaign. But Battlefield 1 did not even begin to compare to that experience. The characters felt uncompelling and boring The missions sometimes would drag on and on with nothing happening to spice up the gameplay. Sadly it all happens right at the start of the experience too. Boring tank missions where you have to drive a tank for over 40 minutes with no changes…It’s not fun

I understand the vision for the campaign. Wanting to show the war from all sides of the globe. But it didn’t really do that. The majority of it was fighting off germans, just in different locations. There was no hero’s tale or empathy for characters due to, what I believe to be, a lack of time to do so. Also, the increase in scale didn’t really work too well for the single player, having huge battlefields with nothing going in in them felt dull and took me out of the immersion completely.

As a fan of a deep and somewhat compelling story, Battlefield 1 just didn’t do that. I felt like playing through it because I had to, rather than wanting to. It dragged on which is a real downer considering the campaigns for Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline all were half decent. The sudden change of pace and scale for Battlefield 1’s singleplayer was quite saddening.

However, I do believe you’ll be wanting to pick up Battlefield 1 for the multiplayer and not the story. In which case, you’d be pleasantly surprised about how enjoyable it can be to play. The game is gorgeous, the multiplayer is incredibly solid and exhilarating. As for the single player? It’s missable enough that you don’t need to play it if you don’t want to. Overall I did quite like playing Battlefield and I’d recommend the game if you’re looking for the next big shooter or maybe even take a break from the crazy scientific futuristic shooters these days. Either way, there’s a lot of potential fun lying here.