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A must have for Witcher fans, a game made for them! But don't get it unless you love card games rather intensely.


Many whom have played the Witcher series may have found themselves lost within the mini-game ‘Gwent.’ I know I was. I spent hours just powering through with my ridiculously powerful Monster Card deck and smashing my opponents with them (not to mention filling my coffers along the way). Since the series has tragically come to a close we could no longer hope to indulge in this mesmerizing game but CD Projekt heard the calling and have brought us a standalone version.

The art style is reminiscent of most Telltale games but as you play you realize it suits the game. From the trolls trying to sell you stuff to the actual cards themselves and layout beneath them.

Speaking of the money hungry troll, no game is complete with at least one or two micro transactions and he will sell you booster packs of cards for some real money. Don’t worry too much though, as you can still earn the in-game currency by winning matches which makes more of an unlock than a (mandatory) transaction.

The basics of this game are simple, take a simple player vs environment mini-game and turn it into a full-fledged player vs player game. It works for the most part but they did have to make tweaks to the decks in order to provide more balance. In Witcher 3: Wild Hunt the Monsters deck was pretty powerful but in GWENT they have been changed for a more equal playing field. Now how the game works is that there are 3 layers of combat roles, melee, ranged and siege. Each one has special units and each row is affected by different weather. You get a deck and customize what cards you have, when you boot up a game you get a random selection from those cards and choose to redraw 3 in case you dislike them. Then you play your cards, place units, destroy units, debuff units or buff units to your pleasing in order to get victory through best of 3.

The game is quite fast paced when you have a heated intense match (especially in the event of a 3rd round) or a relaxed and slow game where you carefully consider your placements. The game can also be serious and funny, for example one round you can play a cow as a melee combat role and end up with a terrifying beast the next to take the cows place. Everything about this game may seem dull to some, but to Witcher fans who ended up abandoning the search for Geralt’s love in order to pursue their love of Gwent this game is truly spectacular.

All they need to do is add a local multiplayer or even a physical version of the card game and it will be amazing. As with all card games, they are meant to be a social bit of fun. In the game Gwent is played in taverns beside a fire with a nice big brew, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

In conclusion, it’s a must have for fans of the Witcher series, but don’t get it unless you love card games rather intensely. It’s a game built for the fans and from what I can tell from that taster, the fans love it. Building decks, customizing decks and playing against the computer or players is exactly what most players spent time on in the Witcher games. Like any good card game, Gwent is ageless and will continue for a long time, this has just given Gwent the immortalization it needed.

Gwent is playable on XBOX ONE (Reviewed) PlayStation 4, Steam and Windows 10 PC