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Farming Simulator 17 is a good game for farming rookies as it hasn't changed all the much since Farming Simulator 15. I would recommend getting this game if you haven't purchased a farming game before as if you get into it, you will be playing this game for a while.


Farming Simulator 17 is developed by Giants Software and is published by Focus Home Interactive. Here you will learn about the daily lives of farmers as you will have to grow crops, sell product, and breed livestock in order for your farm to survive and get better equipment. The first Farming Simulator was released in 2012 and has been given multiple updates and additions in the following years. This year has added new kinds of machinery and different crops that were only available through mods.

If this is your first time playing a Farming Simulator I would highly recommend doing the tutorial first so you get a feel for all the machines and how they work, also being able to grow and sell your crops. After you complete the tutorial you can dive into Career mode which gives you two different farms to choose from and three difficulty settings. In order to grow crops you will have to do a series of tasks on the field. You will need to plowing the field first and then you will be able to cultivate and seed it.

After you have planted your seeds you will need to fertilize your crops and depending on the difficulty your playing on, you might need to fertilize more then once. Once your crops are fully grown, you will be able to harvest them. Once harvested, you can either store them or bring them to the store to sell. A new addition to Farming Simulator is the drive-able train which makes it easier to move large amounts of crops. There are multiple places where you will be able to sell your crops, and each store offers different prices for crops. It’s all about the supply and demand, this will make sure you grow a variety of crops in order to meet the supply and demand of that store and make more money.

With the money that you make, you can buy better machinery which will make your tasks go quicker. You can also hire help to do the tedious tasks of  such as plowing and cultivating so you will be able to focus on more important stuff. The graphics have been improved since Farming Simulator 15 with HD models and dynamic lighting the game looks and feels better than previous installments. There are still some areas in the game that could use improvement and still uses the same models, but besides that it looks nice.

Another way you can make money is forestry. This is where you chop down trees with a chainsaw or forage harvester. You will get wood chips from this which can be sold and converted into energy. The best way, and also the hardest, way to make money is with livestock. The reason for that this is hard is because it’s difficult to maintain with all the equipment required. Once you are able to get your livestock situated you will start to see the money rolling in.

Farming Simulator was a fun game for me as you will either love the game or hate it there is no in between. The game takes a lot of patience and focus. It offers plenty of hours if you can get indulged in the game, but if you can’t you will play the game for a couple of hours and maybe pick it up if you find you have nothing to play. The game hasn’t changed much since Farming Simulator 15 only adding slightly new additions to the game for first buyers. As for people who owned Farming Simulator 15 probably have mods for most of the stuff.

Farming Simulator 17 is playable on XBOX ONE(reviewed) PS4, and Steam.