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Watch Dogs 2 is a great sequel to the first game by introducing great characters with fun gameplay whilst the story felt slightly disjointed there is still plenty to do in the city of San Francisco.


Ever wondered what it’d be like to be able to hack into everything and have complete power over a city? Now you can make that dream a reality in Watch Dogs 2…

The year 2016 has dropped a much-anticipated sequel to the hit game Watch Dogs which released a few years back and made headlines for both good and bad reasons…but Watch Dogs 2 has managed to pull back from some of the weaknesses of the last game and make something fresh and very very fun.

Watch Dogs 2 is set in the great city of San Francisco and guess what? That pesky CTOS is back in the form of CTOS 2.0 which is bigger and better than last time. With a new location and a new threat we need a new hero, luckily we have just the thing in store for you…Introducing Marcus Holloway. A youth who was falsely accused of a crime by CTOS and wants to take back control. To do so he joins forces with hacktivist group Dedsec which is full of some very interesting and sometimes strange characters but that’s what makes them interesting.

However, Watch Dogs 2 suffers from a critical error that routed from the first game; a disjointed and kind of boring story line. The storyline felt disjointed and just thrown together with some points that are mildly connecting to form somewhat of an overall arch for a story. To be honest I was a bit saddened by this fact and found myself more invested in side missions than the main story. However with that said I did enjoy that Ubisoft have put the effort into making sure that each mission gives players options to how they want to approach the mission whether that be stealth or guns blazing. I enjoyed this and allowed the game to stay much fresher when coming into a new mission.

There’s actually a lot to do in Watch Dogs 2. The main story is a decent size and there are plenty of side missions to partake in. If that’s not quite your taste then why not explore the city and take some pictures and gain social media followers or become a cab driver or if you’re feeling the need for speed you can race some drones too! I was also impressed how alive the city felt. The civilians interacted with each other and with you which made it feel like you really were immersed in a real digital world.

I’ve always been fond of games that have great gameplay and Watch Dogs 2 has done that very well indeed. Movement and combat felt precise and smooth. Being able to run and climb fluently without having to stop or wait is fantastic and was done well. I do wish that they had really put some time into working on the driving mechanics which still isn’t quite right.

There isn’t anything I’ve been too upset with about Watch Dogs 2. The majority of the game has hit the mark whilst the rest was just under the bar for success. Do I like Watch Dogs 2? Yes, it’s been great to play a well made single player game with plenty to do. I’d like to see what’s next for Watch Dogs 2 with DLC and future games but until then this game will be enough to suffice my need to hack and shoot my way to success.

Watch Dogs 2 is playable on XBOX ONE (reviewed) PS4 and PC