Shortly after the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch Nvidia unveiled to be the supplier of the Switch’ internals. They didn’t specify what exact chip the Switch would be using but they did say it would be one from the Tegra family.

Recently Nintendo joined the Khronos Group, an organisation that certifies hardware to be compliant with the OpenGL and Vulkan API’s. These API’s are used to render all those lovely game we know and love. Using a common makes it easier for developers to build games (especially crossplatform games).

The result of this seems to be that the Nintendo Switch has popped up on Khronos’ website as being certified for both OpenGL and the Vulkan API! This last one is especially interesting as that should squeeze a bit more performance out of the Switch’ hardware. What’s also interesting is that the site lists the Switch’ OS to be called “Nintendo OS”.

Support for these API is very good news for third party developers as it will lower the learning curve when developing for Nintendo’s new console.  More official news will come on January 13th at 5:00 CET from Nintendo themselves.