At 5:00, January 13th, Nintendo finally presented us a detailed Nintendo Switch announcement. The presentation started off with an overview. Nintendo has offered us a look into specifics of both software and hardware functionalities. Here, I will discuss some of the games that have been revealed during the announcement. Some are new, some are older games ported to the new console, but most of them look promising.

1-2 Switch!
The trailer of this game started with a typical western showdown. Except this time, the guns were replaced by Joy-cons. As expected, the Nintendo Switch is going to be released along side a party game. One might think this game will be similar to games such as Wii Party U and Nintendo Land. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong, though there is a significant difference with this one. Instead of looking at the screen, players participating in these mini games will look each other in the eyes. As it’s not typical for a video game to be played without the screen, I must admit it sounds both paradoxical and strange. However, since we’re talking about a party game here, it might just work. This new aspect to the typical Nintendo party game might be a catalyst for players to interact with each other rather than with the screen. Skeptical as I am this might just enhance the fun experienced in a party environment.

The Joy-Cons’ motion control functions are similar to the Wii motion plus controllers, but improved, allowing for more accurate movement sensibility. Of course, with this improved functionality comes a fighting game. ARMS will be a boxing game where people can fight each other in the ring. Players can choose between different characters, who probably will have different special attacks. The game has each player wielding 2 Joy-cons at the same time. Which of course means that you will have enough controllers for single-player games to start, but that you will have to get an extra two Switch controllers to play ARMS in multiplayer mode. The gameplay looked pretty good, with well-responding improved motion controls that will allow you to deliver curved punches, dashes and quick defensive poses. All together, ARMS could well become one of the most active (and perhaps immersive) fighting games yet and it will be released this spring.

Splatoon 2
After the huge success of Splatoon on the Wii U, Nintendo couldn’t possible leave this title out. Both the game and gameplay are similar to Splatoon, though there will be new battle stages and weapons. Splatoon 2 allows for online multiplayer, as well as local multiplayer since the Nintendo Switch will also be a portable device. Thus, to play this type of local multiplayer would require 2 Nintendo consoles. Nintendo has promised to keep updating the game with new weapons as well as to keep adding very popular Splatoon events. The game will be released in the summer of this year.

Super Mario Odyssey
What is a Nintendo console without a solid Mario game? I wouldn’t be able to tell you, and fortunately, I don’t have to. Super Mario Odyssey is a Mario game that “for the first time since Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64”, is a sandbox game that allows players to roam the Mario world freely, as well as completing levels. So what’s the theme this time? Well, Mario will be traveling the world. Playing Mario in this game means you will be visiting all kinds of famous places, so a bit like going on vacation with Nintendo’s famous plumber. In short, it’s the classic Mario we love in a new jacket.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
This is probably a title lots of Xenoblade fans have long awaited. A sequel to the celebrated Xenoblade Chronicles game. New characters, a new story in an astonishingly beautifully mystical world. Looking at the trailer, the game definitely has the same air as its prequel, but of course with better graphics. This one looks promising and will most likely satisfy the franchise’s fans.

Fire Emblem Warriors
At first, it sounds like a new Fire Emblem game! Except that it’s actually another Warriors game. Dynasty Warriors will now be presented in a Fire Emblem themed environment. Not necessarily for all Fire Emblem fans out there, but might still be fun for those who like the Dynasty Warriors gameplay.

Dragon Quest X & XI and Heroes I & II
If you are like me, you can’t help but a feel little fuzzy inside when hearing Dragon Quest will be coming to the Nintendo Switch! Nintendo promised to release Dragon Quest X (yes, that one that has only been released in Japan) and XI as well as Dragon Quest Heroes I and II in Japan. Of course we will definitely be expecting (and hoping) these titles to also be released for NTSC and PAL regions. People that have mastered the Japanese language might still play it, since Nintendo Switch will not be region locked.

Shin Megami Tensei
All that we know is that a new Shin Megami Tensei game has been announced for the Switch. Even without a proper look at things like gameplay and graphics, SMT fans are most likely to be hyped by this.

Project Octopath Travelers
This one honestly looks like a combination of Maple Story and earlier Final Fantasy games. Octopath Travelers is going to be an old-style RPG. If you are into that, prepare for a new story and hopefully an exciting adventure on Nintendo’s new console.

Sonic Mania
We live in an era of nostalgia and Sega seems to realize this. Sonic Mania will be a new Sonic game, but in old 2D style! Play an all new Sonic game while still enjoying that 2D Sonic feel that fan of older generations are so familiar with. It’s a new Sonic that promises another speedy adventure.

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+
As a confessed Binding of Isaac junky, I must say I love to see this game, with all its add-ons, ported to Nintendo’s new console. In all honest opinion, Afterbirth+ is not the best version released so far, since known enemy patterns are repeated and some are just made stronger. That being said, new items are always exciting and games are most enjoyed on one’s favourite console.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
As was hinted at before, Skyrim is coming to the Switch. Which means people are able to play Skyrim on the go for the first time. Skyrim on the go? Honestly not for me, though I am looking forward playing this game (with some of its good mods) on a Nintendo home console.

Fifa is probably one of the most, of not the most, popular video games at the moment. Both Playstation and Xbox seemed to keep up with this soccer series, while Nintendo’s latest version of FIFA was FIFA 13 for the Wii U, and FIFA 15 for the Wii. This is thus good news for people wanting to play FIFA on a Nintendo console. Probably, children and parents will be pleased with this. Why? Nobody has to chose between Mario and FIFA anymore.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Yes, this is not a new Mario Kart. That being said, Wii U’s popular Mario Kart 8 is ported to the Nintendo Switch with some nice modifications. It will look slightly better, and have an added Battle mode in a Splatoon themed environment. As this is a Deluxe version, I will be expecting new courses and vehicle mods to be added to the game, but who knows? Just Nintendo for now.

Super Bomberman R
This game is so old, simple and fun that most people, no matter what kind of gamer, can enjoy it with friends. What can I say? Bomberman is Bomberman, and I don’t see how this game could possibly be ruined, even with Konami’s worsening reputation. It looks good and I look forward to play a new version of Bomberman on my new Nintendo console. Let’s hope we won’t get disappointed.

Rayman Legends Definitive edition
Rayman Legends is ported to the Nintendo Switch. By no means is this a new title, but nevertheless fun to play. Ubisoft is right: Nintendo and Rayman go together well, as it combines bright colours with funky style levels and enemies. Together with Rayman Legends’ multiplayer mode, it will be a must buy for those multiplayer lovers who haven’t played it before.

A racing game that resembles F-Zero so much I was surprised to see it wasn’t the title. Did you like the extremely difficult racing game with hovering vehicles an ruthless road battles? This might be the game for you, though we won’t be sure until it’s really there.

Puyo Puyo Tetris
A 4 player’s puzzle mash-up. With Puyo Puyo Tetris, you will be battling your friends and family for puzzle victory. Even if the title suggests it’s just Tetris, there is actually a variety of puzzle styles to be played, such a Doctor Mario style. It suits the Nintendo Switch, since the game seems to be mashing up and switching between puzzles. Sounds like an enjoyable party game to me.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
This long awaited Zelda title has been shown in a lot of detail before, as Nintendo aired about 5 hours of game play last year. This particular Zelda game will be a little different from the others, having a big (9 times Skyrim’s size) world to explore and discover, a version of Link that has learned how to jump on command and cook like a pro-chef. A new addition to the popular story world, containing new challenges, mysterious dungeons and dangerous enemies. Most importantly, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild’s release date is finally revealed. It will come to join Nintendo Switch’s release on March 3rd 2017. It’s almost here, less than 2 months of patience required!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch)

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