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Resident Evil 7 is a refreshing game within the franchise and delivers a solid and very fun yet also scary game. There is not another horror game that matches the scares and replayability value within this game.


A new Resident Evil? Now, this I gotta see!

In 1996 Capcom released the original Resident Evil which shaped the landscape for horror games forever. Now in 2017 Capcom have worked their magic again with the release of Resident Evil 7 and have once again influenced the horror genre by releasing one of the best games in the Resident Evil series and one of the best horror games to date.

I’ll be honest, I had my doubts when I heard RE7 would be taking the dive into the first person perspective, but after playing the game for a fair bit those doubts have been washed away making room for the shiny stamp of brilliance…

If for some unknown and bizarre reason you haven’t heard about RE7 yet then let me fill you in. You play as Ethan a man who is suffering from the disappearance of his most recent girlfriend; Mia. One day Ethan receives a mysterious message that leads him to an abandoned house where things aren’t what they seem…

From the arrival at the house, there is an eerie sense in the air and this is the start of the horrors that await you. It is from here that you’ll see your last ray of sunlight as you enter the darkness.

Resident Evil’s roots are set in the survival horror genre all the way back to their first game and they’ve really brought it back for this game, which is something I admire dearly. There is this constant feeling of curiosity and terror, yet also excitement as you creep around looking for clues and supplies. I must also give credit to how well the game plays, everything from visuals, controls, the way supplies and ammunition are spread out is very well done. Every corridor is different and contains many items for you to find. It could be that one vital ingredient you need to craft another first aid or maybe a few more precious bullets. Supplies are easy to find but are quantified perfectly. I never felt as if I were too powerful or too vulnerable, there was always an option for the player no matter the scenario.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the balance between horror and action within the game. Not only that, but there is a steady progression from being absolutely terrified, then to getting a knife, then a gun and so on. You’ll have new enemies to face to balance out the increasing power of your weapons and with new enemies come new areas to play, which brings us right to the discussion of the map size. I want to avoid some spoilers but there is a lot more than just a house. Each area is unique and has its own sense of terror. With each new area, you’ll have a boss battle in which you will have to use all of the knowledge you have learned so far to beat. Each boss is different whilst staying very fun and hysterical.

It’s not all action and horror as there is some fun and interesting puzzles to figure out on your adventure. These puzzles are quite clear when you find them and there are hints to help you figure them out if you know where to look. The puzzles are intuitive so you’ll know what to do when you come across the next one, which is good but also bad as some of the puzzles are repeated with only minor differences. Nonetheless, this does help to keep the game quick and relatively accessible for the more casual player.

After my first playthrough of RE7 I felt inclined to start again. There is a lot to discover within the game and some cool rewards to be earned through multiple completions. This encourages the player to really put some time into playing the game. It is a rare occasion that a game compels you to look for collectibles and play the game on all difficulties, especially the madhouse difficulty which you’ll unlock after completing the game. The madhouse mode changes item locations and makes enemies stronger and faster making it very daunting when your supplies are limited. It really is an experience that is unmatched by any other horror game.

It is fair to say that I’ve really enjoyed my time playing Resident Evil 7. Capcom has really brought the series back with a bang, especially from the massive disappointment that Resident Evil 6 was. The lack of excitement and innovation in the series has had fans begging and pleading for something more substantial and refreshing. Luckily Resident Evil 7 delivers everything that fans could want for a brand spanking new Resident Evil game. The game is very solid and I enjoyed every second of my playthroughs. Playing a game that is so different to everything else I’ve played recently is super refreshing. This has made it one of my favorite games I have played within the last year by far. I highly recommend picking up Resident Evil 7, it is incredibly fun and very unique, you will no doubt enjoy your time playing it.