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All the content from the original WiiU games makes it across to the 3DS. While it doesn't look as good it still plays great. Too bad the Poochy pups are limited to the easy mode.

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With the announcement of the Switch many were curious what would happen with Nintendo’s other handheld system, the 3DS. Nintendo has been clear by stating that it will still continue to support the system for the foreseeable future. And to back up those words with a little action, Nintendo have brought one of their WiiU games to the system.

When I reviewed Yoshi’s Woolly World back in 2015 I was charmed by the sheer adorableness of the title. While the game is definitely aimed at a wide range of ages it also offered a significant challenge to appease mature gamers. So much so that it required quite a bit of effort to unlock all levels and Yoshis to be found in the game. I vividly remember knitting the NES-Yoshi back together and feeling profoundly proud of my achievement.

Basically, this is the same game it was on the WiiU, which is a good thing. But the biggest change, unsurprisingly, is in the visual fidelity of the game. This is a bigger deal then you might expect from a Nintendo title. Main reason for this is simply that the WiiU version just looked too darn good with its detailed textures and almost tactile yarn feel. While the overall feel of the game is intact it does suffer quite a bit due to the limits of the 3DS. This ‘downgrade’ is also apparent in Craft World, the game’s overworld. On the 3DS, Craft Island basically becomes a 2D affair, which in all honestly is an improvement over the slightly confusing 3D rendition on the WiiU.

The 3DS version does have a few other changes. As the title suggests, Poochy has a bigger role in this game but perhaps not as big as you may expect. Poochy was one of my favorite characters in the original game, so more Poochy sounded like a good thing. Unfortunately, I would have liked to see a lot more of Poochy. Apart from his appearances in the same levels as the original or after you use the Poochy powerbadge there isn’t that much more Poochy to go around. The biggest “Poochy injection” is the addition of the Poochy pups where players gain the ability to call on a bunch of mini Poochy’s instead of using balls of yarn.

The Poochy pups in itself are a great addition. Firstly, they form an unlimited supply of yarns balls, because the pups themselves act as the balls and they walk back to Yoshi. Secondly, they also seek out hidden items. This is perhaps the best service the pups provide. Those who played the original know that a lot of the question-clouds can be invisible until you touch them. Because of this initial invisibility, finding secrets felt a little random. With the pups, a lot of this goes away as they seek them out for you. So, the pups are great, but….they are only available in mellow mode. So in order to get the benefit of the pups you need to dial back the difficulty. This is a real shame as the pups provide a way to make things a little easier and they would have been a welcome addition to normal mode. But now you get easy and easier mode.

To close things off, the game does have another fun little Poochy addition; Yoshi theatre. Basically, you get a new video starring Poochy & Yoshi. With each video, you get a question and if you get it right there will be a new video the next day (interestingly, the same video can have multiple questions). The movies are fun but that’s about it, but I guess it counts as more Poochy.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is a faithful port of the WiiU original. It has all the content and most of the charm. The is somewhat misleading as there is a lot more Poochy in the game it’s not a significant change in gameplay. While there is a gameplay impact it’s limited to the game’s easy mode. If you were interested in the WiiU version but missed out this is another chance to play all that content. If you’re looking for a solid platformer you should also check this. But be warned, this game is dangerously cute.