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"Pick up this game and you won't be disappointed. Not only did I play this game so did my son and daughter and they also loved it to bits. A true family game and worth every penny."


The hip shaking half-genie Shantae has captured the perfect spirit of storytelling and platform gaming. WayForward Technologies created this little jewel for the PS4, Steam, Vita, Wii U and Xbox One. The action adventure platform game takes up another adventure of Shantae (originally developed by Capcom back in 2002). Her first game was for the Nintendo Game Boy Color but then the game developers Erin Bozon, Matt Bozon and WayForward Technologies took over the series and brought it to a broader public. With Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse released on several platforms it was always clear that this was a Nintendo player’s game.

The Story

Shantae: half-genie hero is a wonderful story based platformer that is great fun for young and old alike. If you love anime like humor and a lot of background story then this is the game for you! The whole game has a lot of little plots and funny sub stories for you to discover. Giving you a smile on your face while playing through a colorful and well-made platformer world. As you start your game you will find yourself in a peaceful little town lying in your bed when you get startled by a dream. Or was it? You find your way to your uncle’s place where you discover something you did not quite expect. Was this all a dream or was it real? The next morning everything looks like its going to be a normal day as usual. But then all hell breaks loose and before you know it you’re well on your way on an epic quest.

The Music and sound effects

Like the story, the music is fun and fitting for the game. The composer Jake Kaufman once again did a great job of composing a fitting and fun tune for every level and video of the game. Before you know it the tunes are stuck in your head wiggling your hips just like Shantae. The game is also littered with high-quality sound effects from cracking pots to birds and even some short vocal sentences.


There sure has been some great work done here. The detail and atmosphere of the game are well done and the multiple layers of the levels take you even deeper into the game. It’s a wonderful fantasy world full of colors and movement. There is so much to see and do. This a Nintendo quality like game fitting right in with Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country.


The game is action packed with loads of enemies to defeat. The learning curve of the game is not too steep. It’s actually easy to play but can be hard to master, maybe this is where the Capcom past shows. If you have played games like MegaMan and Duck Tales you will feel right at home with Shantae: half-genie hero. But it’s not simply from-A-to-B kind of gameplay. Oh no, you will sometimes need to do sub-quests to get materials gathered to unlock a new area. The bosses can be tough but they are not frustratingly hard. If you die it is because you had your timing wrong or you did not see the pattern of the boss’ moves. Oh, and did I mention you will need your shape shifting ability’s as wel? But I will not spoil too much about this.

Overall summary

There is not much negative to say about this game other than if you don’t like this kind of game style then this is not the kind of game for you. But that is nothing other than plain logical, right? So if you do like this kind of game style and if you like games like I mentioned above then you have nothing to fear. Pick up this game and you won’t be disappointed. Not only did I play this game so did my son and daughter and they also loved it to bits. A true family game and worth every penny.

This game is out NOW and is released onĀ PS4, Steam, Vita, Wii U and Xbox One. (Wii U version reviewed)