We already had Games with Gold where you get up to 6 free games a month, a large number of discounts on big and small titles alike. Now Xbox has announced Games Pass, working essentially like PlayStation Plus, but maybe with improvements. You can pay a little bit extra for it and get to play a selection of games in a catalog that will be updated monthly, this selection however isn’t something small, it will supposedly launch with roughly 100 titles, both from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 backwards compatibility line. These however can work beside or without Gold membership, you will require it however for playing online multiplayer.

First up we know some of the larger titles like NBA 2K16, Halo 5 and Gears of War will be coming up with it, Xbox also aim to have a selection of games for all genres so that nobody will be left out. We also know that there’s an extra benefit, even more discounts! Each title in the selection will be 20% off while in the catalog and all of its DLC will be 10% off possibly making 2 or maybe 3 months worth of subscription with one purchase.

It will also allow you to trial games you were cautious of buying previously providing you with a full access demo for the monthly fee.  We also know you will have no limit to how many games you want to play, so get ready to loose what ever free time you had! Another step is that it will not require you to be connected to the internet to access games you downloaded from it, allowing for up to 30 days of playtime without any network. As an added bonus, it even allows for play anywhere titles!

We can hope that this will be a welcome addition to the number of Xbox software already available to us. It is due to be released at some point in the late spring, so keep updated!