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Snipperclips is a unique title with loads of character fun and challenge. Best enjoyed with two or more people.

Level Design

When new consoles launch, the games that are launched alongside them get a lot of attention. While usually there are some titles that grab most of the attention it’s not uncommon for some of these titles to be a hidden surprise, a hidden gem if you will. With Nintendo Switch the spotlight titles are Zelda and 1-2 Switch, but Snipperclips is the surprise title!

The first time I got my hands on the game was a couple of weeks ago during the Switch sneak peek. The game jumped out at me for being different, fresh and very enjoyable. Having spent more than a few minutes with the game I can conclude that my first impression stands.

Snipperclips is hard to describe because it doesn’t fit nicely in the existing genres. Nintendo calls it a dynamic puzzler and I haven’t come up with anything better, so let’s go with that. The premise of the game is that you control two pieces of paper (with eyes, legs and arms) called Snip & Clip and solve the puzzles set before you. Since you control two pieces of paper the game is targeted firmly at multiple players. However, unlike 1-2 Switch, you can play Snipperclips in singleplayer too. When playing alone you still control the two characters with the option to…switch…between them.

Snipperclips throws some 45 puzzles at you where you have to cut out pieces from each other to adjust yourselves in such ways to beat the challenge before you. This can vary between forming an outlined shape, getting objects to a certain location or catching fireflies. Each level requires you and your co-player to work in tandem.

This forced cooperation is what the game is all about. But heed my warning: this can also turn against you. Solving the puzzles becomes increasingly tricky and not only challenges the players to figure out what they need to do but also challenges them to execute said plan properly. This execution can be quite frustrating, so there might be some bad words used while playing this game. It also allows for some prime trolling if that’s what you’re into.

If things are escalating, Snipperclips offers a trio of mini-games that allow you to compete against each other to resolve some of that built-up frustration. The games include a basketball game, a ‘fighting’ game where you need to cut each other and a variation of air hockey. All three are good fun and can be played with 2 to 4 players.

Snippeclips is a Joy-Con only affair and for the most part, it plays quite well. But for the more precise actions, which are required regularly, the tiny controllers can be on the finicky side. While the controls are clear and fairly simple for some reason remembering what button does what proved to be more challenging than it should be. I blame the fact that I played Snipperclips is short bursts for my lack of muscle memory development.

The game’s 45 ingenious puzzles are a ton of fun and really should be played with at least one other person. You can add another pair of Joy-Con to play a smaller set of four player oriented levels (if you play with three, one player controls two characters like you do in singleplayer mode). I found this game one of my favorites to play in table-top mode while traveling as it’s so easy to pick up and enjoy. If you’re looking to get an extra pair of Joy-Con, be on the lookout for the bundle with Snipperclips. Otherwise,  you’ll find it in the eShop, where you can also get a demo to try it out first.

Snipperclips really is a unique little title that is the first proof that the Switch isn’t just a “300-dollar Zelda machine”. It’s loads of fun, unique and enough of a challenge. It’s also a great showcase for bringing the Switch along with you for multiplayer fun. I recommend you give Snip & Clip a try.