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The game King’s Quest is older than I am, and I’m talking about the first King’s Quest. But the one centred in this review is not a remake of the first King’s Quest or any of the many King’s Quest instalments. Because this is more of an homage to the King’s Quest series, because of Sierra’s innovations in gaming it is what it is now thanks to their King’s Quest series. It started with the IBM in 1983 to bring graphic’s to type adventure, but it didn’t stop there they also were the first to introduce voice acting into their games. This is just to show you why it deserves an homage to their critically acclaimed King’s Quest series.

The game itself is developed by The Odd Gentlemen and not Sierra, nevertheless it was a good 5 chapter story that finally got completed. There is a good reason why they had to split the story into chapters because it takes place in different stages in the main Characters life. This is because the story is told as a story to his granddaughter of how he became the old man and King of Daventry. It is a less common way of storytelling, but it is fitting with its light-hearted comedy approach. It also tells another story of an old man still yearning for adventure. Each chapter has multiple endings so it has a rich story. It shows how much story-writing went in each chapter and this makes it almost perfect. In my opinion, I hated the ending, not going to spoil why, because it is true that the story had to end that way. The real reason I hate it is because the story had to end, this is because nobody wants a good story to end.

The gameplay is a bit more of this time but it’s still a puzzle adventure game with some quick time events to spice it up. This makes it a little more than just another point and click adventure. But it doesn’t have any new mechanics, it’s just picking things up and finding the right use for them or find the right answer to a question. The latter is one of the mechanics that’s done right because if your Character doesn’t know the answer even if you yourself do, he still doesn’t know. But most of the contents are still puzzles and riddles and there are many solutions to some of the puzzles.

It has the best graphics of all King’s Quest games which isn’t hard because the last one was made in 1998 with King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity. A time when 3D action games were trending like crazy, so too did King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity become 3D. But this day and age it’s pretty good, it’s not going for ultra realism but for more for a cel-shaded art style which fits the tone of the game. It’s done almost in the same way as Borderlands does its art because they also start with hand painted art and then from there work that into the game. It’s an art style that is rarely done right, but if it is then you have a real masterpiece.

It’s a bit out date form of a game in a new jacket and it’s worth the money because the way it’s made is perfect for a story driven game like this. The game itself can be a bit slow if you are used to a lot of action. The replayability is also apparent because of all the different endings and how each chapters ending effect the next chapter. So this does make it a solid game and a good homage to the King’s Quest series.

Out now for PS3,PS4,Xbox 360,Xbox One and PC.