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More a showcase of the Joy-Con and a real game. A multiplayer-only affair that requires an open attitude to fully enjoy. For the price it's highly recommended you give it a try first!


In early 2017 we were introduced to the Switch and its new features. Yoshiaki Koizumi’s introduction was very alluring and everyone who was watching wanted to see what they can do with the Switch’ release title 1-2 Switch. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing after the initial presentation. Some of the games that were announced after the presentation raised some eyebrows, especially the milking game. This includes me, my friends and co-workers because we couldn’t take it seriously without feeling like a jackass. So let’s all get those dirty grins of our face (me included) so that we can continue with the game. Particularly to see if the game is worth its hefty pricetag of 50 bucks.

Let’s talk about the mini games in this mini-game, because there are 28 mini games in total. In my opinion, the offering is very mixed because some were good, some were bad and some were meh. Because there are 28 and not all require an indepth analysis I’ll do a quick rundown of the 28 mini games.

  1. Telephone: an ok game of who can pick up first and one of the easier mini games. There is nothing wrong or special about it.
  2. Ball count: a game that is about the HD rumble and how you should feel how many balls are inside. I wasn’t impressed but my friend wasm so I guess it depends on who’s holding it.
  3. Zen: A bit misleading because it’s about holding a yoga pose as still as possible. Misleading name aside, some of the poses are fun.
  4. Treasure: a simple to understand mini-game of unwinding a chain from a treasure chest. Apparently not a seasy as it looks as it requires some decent hand-eye coordination.
  5. Milk: imagine yourself holding something in your hands and move it up, down and then milk comes out… This is the problem here is that it always sounds so very wrong. Chuckling about this is the best part of this game though.
  6. Safe Crack: here you use your Joy-Con as a knob from a safe and feel the pin falling in place with the HD rumble.
  7. Quick Draw: the name says it all, just like any western you wait for the cue to draw and shoot.
  8. Samurai Training: in this mini game you’re supposed to hit your friend with a bokken(wooden sword) and he is supposed to catch it before it hit’s his head.
  9. Sneaky Dice: also a mini game that uses the HD rumble, but here it secretly tell’s you the dice roll of your opponent. So this is about bluffing and not about skill.
  10. Signal Flag: a mini-game where you follow the instructions on how to hold your flag, another mini-game about paying attention.
  11. Soda Shake: a mini that you can play with more than 2 players because here the goal is to have the soda pop in someone’s face. The concept doesn’t translate well because unlike in real life there isn’t a real penalty.
  12. Shave: Here you use the Joy-Con to shave your beard. But being te proud owner of a real beard it doesn’t work like that in real life.
  13. Joy-Con Rotation: this one might be the hardest and at the same time the easiest because you can cheat it many ways, but if you don’t then it’s hard.
  14. Table Tennis: reminiscent of Wii Sports tennis, but this time you face each other. You can literally play this with your eyes closed as it’s the audio cues that you should look out for.
  15. Baby: here you need to take the Switch out of the dock and treat it like a baby… I felt this was wrong in so many ways. Needing to treat your console as a baby is where I, and many others, draw the line.
  16. Fake Draw: quick draw with a twist and the twist is that it says many words that sound like “fire”.
  17. Baseball: just like Table Tennis you could play it blind because the visuals might trick you into swinging too soon.
  18. Eating Contest: a bit weird but it’s something you can do alone so it’s less embarassing. It uses the infrared sensor to see you bite but I’m not impressed because you can trick it.
  19. Beach Flag: shake your arms and pretend you’re running to grab a flag.
  20. Wizard: “you’re a wizard Harry!”. Yup! You reenact a scene from Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows. you play it thrusting your wand at your opponent.
  21. Sword fight: this is again a game where real life and game don’t mix. This is because in a flurry of attacks it just doesn’t work. Making you hold a button for defense really doesn’t help either.
  22. Boxing Gym: another mini-game where you follow the instructions on how to box. This does feel a bit like exercise.
  23. Plate spin: pretend you’re spinning a plate with your Joy-Con. this one does take a little bit of skill.
  24. Copy: The goal here is to copy the pose but actually you need to copy rhythm.
  25. Runway: I did it and looked weird doing it as a man, but it’s basically a rhythm mini-game.
  26. Air Guitar: basically, a rhythm mini-game about strumming an air guitar. So that way you just look like JB (jack black).
  27. Dance Off: also a rhythm mini-game, but you need to mind one thing to stop when the music stops.
  28. Gorilla: another rhythm mini-game, but here you drum on your chest like a gorilla. The goal here is to releasing your inner animal to charm the ladies.

1-2 Switch is meant show off the versatility of the Switch’ Joy-Con controller. It also tries to move away from the TV and achieves this to a certain degree. It’s a multiplayer only affair which is necessary as these games should be enjoyed with others. It seems like this game is intended as a party-only game. For young children, the games are easy enough to pick up and play and work well enough not to frustrate. Some of the games, like runway and the milking game require the open mind of a child to fully appreciate. For adults, a little help may be needed to open your mind in a similar fashion.

Ultimately, it’s an ok game. While it does offer a lot of variation, not everything works equally well. Being the showcase that it is, it really should have been included with the Switch. You could compare it with Wii Sports, but 1-2 Switch lacks the immediate appeal and depth that the Wii’s defining title had, mainly due to the quirkiness of a lot of the mini-games. Some of the games are good but most miss the mark especially if you bear in mind that it should feel realistic. It was a good concept but it could use a lot more polish to make it worth the price Nintendo is charging for it.