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Tank Troopers is an average game that lacks the usual Nintendo polish. While it is a challenging game it just isn't fun enough to keep you engaged to face that challenge.

Level Design

Amongst new consoles and epic Zelda games the listing for new Nintendo games also had one item that was new to me: Tank Troopers. Unsurprisingly this isn’t a hidden launch title for the Switch but an all new 3DS game. From Nintendo no less. So this should be good, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. In Maikel’s review of Shantae Half-Genie Hero, he said that the game was an indie of Nintendo quality. Tank Troopers, unfortunately, is the opposite. It’s a Nintendo game of questionable quality. The usual polish that seems to come standard with Nintendo games is missing and the result is an uninspiring. bland looking, and playing, game.

In Tank Troopers you control a… wait for it…tank! You can either run through the 30 mission with a pre-set load-out (dubbed “Take Orders”) or you can try those same missions with your own load-out. These load-outs are made up out of both Tanks and their “Troopers”. These troopers each have unique abilities that augment your tank of choice. One trooper will make your tank pack more of a punch while another will allow you to see a more detailed map. You need to buy these troopers using the in-game currency you unlock by completing missions.

Missions revolve around accomplishing a certain target. In most cases, this is either destroy all (or a set number of) targets or reaching a certain goal but there is a decent amount of variation here. The default map is a grid of squares that light up when there is enemy activity within that square, functional would be a very kind description. During the mission, you drive around in your tank, look around and shoot at things. You can also activate one of your troopers (you can bring more than one on each mission) for a limited period at a time. And that’s pretty much it. Tank Troopers doesn’t have anything else in terms of context or presentation. You select a mission, try to complete it and either retry or move on to the next. To its credit, Tank Troopers does offer a decent challenge. While simply beating a mission isn’t particularly difficult, trying to get a better ranking is. Getting the highest rank in all the missions will take some effort.

Tank Troopers offers local wireless multiplayer. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try it out because of it. It does offer Download Play you a single system should be enough to get you going. Online play would have been nice, but given the price of the game you can’t expect everything.

Tank Troopers is a fun title for the price of admission. However, it does lack the usual Nintendo polish and feels crude as a consequence. Nintendo has shown they can provide quality, bite-sized entertainment at this price point with games like BoxBoy, so it’s slightly disappointing that Tank Troopers doesn’t live up to the standard. Tank Troopers won’t be a big risk to take but I’m filing it under Tank enthusiasts only.