Well, remember when the Nintendo said their upcoming Nintendo Direct would be about ARMS and Splatoon 2? Well, they lied.

Turns out, that it was about a whole lot more! Infuriatingly they scheduled directly after our midweek trailers but I’ll let that slide. For those of you (in Europe) who didn’t stay up to see it live you can watch it right here:

Can’t or won’t watch the video? Here are the highlights:

For the Nintendo Switch:

  • Splatoon 2 will hit on July 21th sporting new modes and three fresh new Amiibo.
  • ARMS will be unleashed on June 16th.
  • Minecraft is coming to the Switch on May 12th
  • ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II: The Final Challengers will release on 26th and will include old-skool pixel graphics in addition to the new HD graphics.
  • Two Sonic games are coming this year, the previously announced Sonic Mania (coming in the summer) and the new Sonic Forces with stars two Sonics!

But the 3DS is getting quite some love as well:

  • The 3DS is getting a Pikmin platformer hitting July 28th.
  • Kirby is turning 25 this year and will get three new games this year. The first of which,Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, is available now. The second, Kirby’s Blowout Blast, will come in the summer. While the third untitled multiplayer game will hit in the Winter.
  • Miitopia is a sort-of follow up to Tomodachi Life with has you facing off with your Tomodachi Life characters against a new evil force. When is not known.
  • The Monster Hunter series is getting a new installment called Monster Hunter Stories, which will hit in the Fall.
  • Finally, Dr. Kawashima’s Devil Brain Training marks the return of the popular DS game to Nintendo’s handheld. It has a focus on concentration and hits July 28th.

To close things off, Nintendo have also announced that a new neon-yellow color of Joy-Cons that will launch alongside ARMS. The Joy-Cons will also get a battery pack (for plain old AA batteries) that should give them a little more juice but also a bit more body and grip.