In case you missed it, Nintendo has discontinued their NES mini console. The throwback mini console proved extremely popular and has basically been sold out since Nintendo released it late last year. But for those who didn’t get their hands on one, there might be something else on the horizon.

Rumors are suggesting that Nintendo will be releasing a SNES mini this holiday season. The product apparently is already in development. While details are scarce it seems reasonable to assume that it will follow the NES mini template. This means it will offer a fixed set of the original console’s greatest titles. For the SNES this can mean a great many things as it has a sizeable library of great games. The console will probably connect to HDMI, sport replicas of the original controllers and be big enough to fit in your pocket. What also remains unclear is how many versions of the system will be released (as the US SNES differed from the Japanese and EU versions).

If like me, you skipped the NES mini hoping for a SNES version, this is great news. Let’s hope Nintendo has learned some lessons from the NES classic though. Most importantly to produce a great many more of them. But also to provide longer cables for the controllers, preferably forgoing wires altogether. Ideally, they will allow the system’s games to be extended but that seems highly unlikely. Excited? Be sure to keep an eye on your favorite pre-order location because this one will probably sell out in no time whatsoever!