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It’s telling that the name is a bit too similar to dear god. Deer God looked like a nice 8-Bit retro style game. When I say 8-Bit I really mean old 8-Bit style because it makes Jumpman (better known as Mario) look like the handsome one. Ok, that might be a bit of an overstatement but let’s just say it definitely looks retro. I personly like retro and out of style things too, so I thought it would be a casual game to relax with. Sadly my experience was less relaxing.

So let’s start with the graphical style because like I said, I like retro just like lots of people do. What I don’t like is when you do it because it’s easy and a way to try and capitalize on an existing hype. You could say that it was not intended to be played on a 40″ TV but there are plenty of 8-Bit games that look good on a big screen. The problem I have is that the text is barely readable and some of the sprites look nothing like what they’re should be. The developer should have definitely put more effort into this to make it more playable.

What really ruined the experience for me was that most of the time have no idea where I should go, because the story was very unclear. So I ended up running in circles until I finally figured out what I was doing and then I fell into the next circle. It felt like I was racing the Indy 500, endlessly going in circles, and I hate that. The bits of dialogue that were there were very cryptic on what I should do. That’s why I ended up running in circles all the time. So most of the time I spent with this game was spent mindlessly running around.

The gameplay was a problem too because it had bugs as well and this made me enjoy it even less. I also encountered the worst bug ever too. I fell through the map never to return again and it auto saved me out of the map so I could never progress any further. It also uses the old save slot mechanics so no previous saves are available. I ended up deleting the save slot because it only had 3 slots for the game. There were little other bugs too but those weren’t that bothersome.

To top it all off, the version I’m reviewing is a port from the PC to PS4 and it’s probably not a bad port. But if you port a game and leave all the bugs and flaws in, then why bother porting it to PS4. The PC version was received poorly back in 2015. So I’m really wondering why port a bad PC game that didn’t even pass the bar then. To add even more insult to injury it tells you that it is a casual platform adventure but to me, it was more of a survival runner. I feel there is no end to this hole and I rather enjoy the company of Dark Souls because I die less fast than in Deer God. So to this, I did say “Oh dear God” and I don’t even believe in a god.

Of all the retro games I’ve seen and played this was sadly the worst experience I’ve had yet. The story plot device was stolen from a movie and that’s all of the story there is. Aside from that, it looks like a cash grab and it was a waste of a potentially good game. This counts for both versions be it the PC or PS4.