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Bye-Bye Boxboy! is final entry it what apparently was the Boxboy! trilogy. Like the games before it, it's a totally unique experience that is well worth a try.

Level Design

HAL laboratory is best known for Kirby. But in 2015, seemingly out of nowhere, they released the first Boxboy! A minimalistic platform-puzzler that got a sequel a year later with BoxBoxBoy! Now, another year later, HAL is saying farewell to its square protagonist with ByeByeBoxBoy!

When I reviewed the original Boxboy! I was taken away by how HAL had managed to distil pure gameplay and put in such a minimalistic package while still letting the have a lot of character. All of that remains intact with the third, and final, installment in the series.

Like in the original you still control Qbby the little square that could. As with its first sequel, ByeByeBoxboy! extends on the original block-creating-centric puzzle mechanic. This time around Qbby can create new types of blocks that have unique traits. Think of things like rocket-blocks that will launch into the air or blocks that work as bombs. These new block types are tied to different planets that Qbby visits during his adventure.

Also new is the introduction of Qbaby. A little NPC that will follow Qbby around the stages. The goal is to make sure that both of you make it to the end of the stage in one piece. This means the blocks you create not only serve Qbby but will also allow QBaby to address whatever challenges lie in front of him. Qbaby is another spin on the Boxboy! formula and offers a nice variation on the puzzle dynamic.

On the presentation end of things, there is little different this time around. Yes, there is a little more color breaking the normal monochromatic aesthetic. The game now also supports the Kirby Amiibo bringing yet another splash of color and character to the game. Like other unlockables, the Amiibo are basically a costume that do nothing else. In Japan, Qbby has gotten his own Amiibo with now word on a release in the west…

Bye-Bye Boxboy! is very much the third installment in a trilogy. Which is also what HAL is calling it. Its core concepts are the same as in the first game but with some new additions and fresh puzzles. This is very much a good thing though as all three games so very much worth the while, especially given the un-Nintendo-like price these games go for. If you haven’t played a Boxboy! game before I recommend you start with the original and play them all. If you have, you probably already bought this one and rightfully so.