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Tiny Build has brought us maybe a new hidden gem and I was not disappointed when Mr. Shifty knocked on my door. The beauty of this game is that it reminded me of a movie I liked, called Jumper. Both are about someone who can jump through space and appear where they want. So most people might say it looks like Hotline Miami meets Nightcrawler (of X-Men fame) but I disagree. Because it’s a kid-friendly game and Hotline Miami is not. Here it’s all about dodging bullets and punching bad guys and it’s done in a comedic way by telling the story in a cartoony way.

Like I said the story is a cartoon cliché, so the only dialogue is between Mr Stone (the villain) and Nyx (your sidekick tech support). This makes for funny banter and the fact your character doesn’t have to say a word makes it funnier. It’s funny when Mr. Stone tries to taunt you and you silently prove him wrong every time. At some point, the joke becomes predictable and stale but that was to be expected. While it is subjective I personally found most of the jokes funny.

The mechanics of this game are simple to understand but hard to master, so thank god for the checkpoints in this game, because a single mistake is fatal. The point of the game is to dodge bullets, you can see when and where your opponents are aiming because they use laser sights. You can use this to make them shoot at their friends or in some cases destroy walls or oil barrels that explode. But to get to the next checkpoint you need to take out every enemy before you can continue. This is where the challenge comes from and the game does ease you in at the start. But at the end, it becomes a lot harder. At the start, you only have to dodge guards with handguns but later guys with machine guns and eventually rocket launchers show u. If that wasn’t hard enough Mr. Stone find. a way to cancel your power to jump so you need to adapt a lot and be cunning about your approach. This all makes for a high-paced puzzle platformer.

The only sad thing is that everyone has more personality than the main character. This is emphasized by the variety in the enemies. Guards are armed with handguns and bouncers just punch you very hard because they’re the size of the Hulk. You also have three kinds of mafioso; the purple ones have a shotgun and the yellow ones have machine guns, but the last one is a femme fatale in red with a fully automatic shotgun. But at one point it got a bit weird with ninja’s, which felt a bit out of place.

In the end, it was fun even when the jokes get a bit old. It still stays very challenging for most of the time. Yes, it is a bit short but this is not a triple-A title, so for the indie price of admission, you get 18 stages which are a nice challenge and time-consuming. So it’s not something you finish in a day or two because it really does get harder with every stage. This is also why I like Tiny Build, they are reliable and funny, not the best but they provide solid games.

out now for PS4, XBOX ONE, NINTENDO SWITCH and PC.

Word of warning for Switch users:

Team Shifty have confirmed that the Switch build of the game does suffer from slowdown and frame-drops. Check out this post on Reddit to get more info. We have played the Switch version of the game a while the frame-drops where noticeable, up to stage 6 they were far from game-breaking.