Yesterday Bungie finally gave us our first detailed look at the long awaited sequel to Destiny; Destiny 2. And boy was it good!

Director Luke Smith kicked off the presentation by listing the three factors that Bungie wanted to focus on while building Destiny 2. The first is “A world that pulls you in”, the second “Amazing things to do” and finally “Always someone to play with”. By the sounds of it, they have done a good job of hitting these foundations.

Let’s start with my personal favorite of always having someone to play with. As a long term player of Destiny, you’ll know that finding a raid group or Crucible team was very important and playing as a solo player didn’t enable you to enjoy the game to its full capacity. In fact, 50% of players have never completed a raid and Bungie wishes to change this by implementing a new system called Guided Games. This will enable solo players to join groups of players who are hosting lobbies. This works perfectly with the large clan community in the game.  This will hopefully enable players to go gain more access to Raids, Trials and The Nightfall Strikes.

We finally got a glimpse of gameplay of the mission named “Homecoming” which depicts a huge Cabal force; The Red Legion, launching a huge offensive attack on Earth’s last city and the Tower. The Leader of The Red Legion, Ghaul, is fueled by jealousy and wants to take the traveler for himself.

Guardians will lose their home, their powers, their vaults and will set off on a mission of recovery and to take down Ghaul for good. With Destiny 2’s fresh start comes a time for change and this is also true for your weapons which will be getting an overhaul in how they work. Weapons will now be split into three new categories, Kinetic, Energy and Power. This may allow players to have the same type of weapon in different slots.

With new weapons come new superpowers which include the Dawnblade for the Warlock which is a flaming sword with immense damage. The Titan gets a void shield which is very similar to something a certain Marvel superhero might carry…And finally, the Hunters will get the Arcstrider which looks identical to the Arcblade but maybe a bit cooler this time round.

Players will also get to visit four new locations, Earth, Titan, Io and Nessus. Luckily you won’t even need to go to orbit to travel there as you can launch any activity in the game from the menu screens. These planets should have more to do than just a patrol, thank goodness. Each planet has a Lost Sector which have special loot and a boss battle in them. There are also treasure hunts and activities on each planet to keep you entertained. Each of these planets has a cool and unique look to them and look like they’ll be a lot of fun to fight and explore in.

Bungie will also be implementing a clan system in-game. You will be able to manage and customise your clan without having to go to external websites like you had to in the original Destiny game.

Bungie have also narrowed the Crucible down to 4v4 only which should keep combat tighter and more competitive. Destiny 2 will also be releasing with a new PvP gamemode, Strikes and one raid upon launch.

Finally Destiny 2 will be releasing on September 8th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC is “Coming Soon” with an uncapped frame rate. There will also be a Beta test for Destiny 2 later this summer. You may also Pre Order for early Beta access.

Stay tuned into for the latest news on Destiny 2 and all of your other favourite games!