When the Switch launched one of the main criticisms of the system was a lack of online service. However, Nintendo had already announced that a new online service would be coming somewhere in 2017. Today Nintendo has shared some more details about said service.

Let’s start with arguably the most important aspect, the price. An annual subscription will cost USD$ 19,99 with monthly and quarterly subscription options (running $3.99 & $7.99 respectively) also available. For current Switch owners, the service will be free until 2018. No prices are known for other regions but expect European prices to be the same number in euros.

The feature list shows the promised online gameplay, online lobby & chat app, classic game selection and eShop deals. The classic game selection entails ongoing access to a library of classic Nintendo games (virtual console games if you will) enhanced with online capabilities. Users can play as many of the games as they want, as often as they like, as long as they have an active subscription. This is a change from earlier news that stated users would only get access to certain games each month and a definite boon for the service!

You can check out all the details on Nintendo of America’s page.

While the Nintendo page doesn’t give out any new details accessory maker Hori might have. In a tweet, the company unveiled an upcoming headset for Splatoon 2. While the headset itself has a nice Splatoon theme going on the diagram showing how the thing will work is worrying.

As the Switch Online details show the voice chat will be handled by a voice chat app. And not an app on the Switch, an app on your smart device. The diagram shows that you’ll need to hook up the headset to both the Switch and your mobile device… Apparently, this is if you want to have the in-game audio over your headset while chatting. No word on how to achieve this when playing on the TV though.

So, while the price is good we do hope Nintendo will put a little more thought into their chat options and perhaps consider something with a little less wires… Hopefully, E3 will enlighten us more.