Tonight EA kicked off the E3 week with their own event – aptly named EA Play – featuring a plethora of new games and news for games we already know are in the works.

EA kicked off the presentation with an epic Battlefield 1 montage announcing the addition of Night time-based maps coming to the game this summer. A new DLC “In the name of Tsar” will be released in September and will be based in the Eastern Front of the war. It will include 6 new maps, the addition of the Russian Army and the Women’s Battalion of Death. Gameplay of the DLC will be recorded at EA Play and will be released onto Youtube after the event. EA have also teased a competitive mode for the game with more details to come at Gamescom later this year.

Up next is Need for Speed Payback, that will have 3 playable characters with their own feel and play style. They even showed a short bit of gameplay which featured the high octane action you’d expect from a traditional Need for Speed title.

We also got more word on EA originals, a scheme to support small indie developers in making their games. EA now have several titles in development. They showed off a new game called ‘A way out’ made by the same developer as Brothers, a tale of two sons. It is a co-op adventure that is designed for Split Screen but can also be played online. But it will be played in split-screen view at all times as they want to put an emphasis on true co-op gameplay.

EA also took the time to mention they were taking full advantage of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio for their new games including their new IP; Anthem. This game looks futuristic and will be shown at the Microsoft conference tomorrow night.

Moving to Sports FIFA 18 got a new trailer for their single player mode; The Journey. Hunter Returns…Yes, that’s really the name. It’ll continue from FIFA 17’s story mode which featured Alex Hunter’s rise to fame as a professional footballer.

EA also touched on NBA Live 18 which will have a free demo available in August and will have a campaign named ‘The One’ where you earn reputation on ‘The Streets’ and ‘The League’.

Also, the EA Access and Origins Vaults will be free all week for everyone so you can enjoy some free games to prepare you for the future of EA games.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 also made an appearance with the news of having over 3 times the content of the last game. With deeper progression and customization the game will be changed from the old game’s mechanics for gameplay and heroes. There will be new abilities, weapons, and vehicles for players to use. Battlefront 2 has also promised the addition of free multiplayer content for all players which includes themed content over time including The Last Jedi pack which will drop this fall. There will be early beta access for anyone that pre-orders the game.

Hopefully, EA will treat us to more news and details as the week progresses but for now please stay tuned to for all your E3 2017 news.