As always E3 is getting every gamer hyped for everything and Sony has hyped me up as well. first I’ll give you a quick rundown of what has been shown and after that, I’ll give a deeper dive into it. Just as Sony I’ll let the titles speak for them self.

-Hidden Agenda
-That’s You
-Death Stranding
-Gran Turismo Sport
-Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
-knack 2
-Everyone’s Golf
-Far Point
-Superhot VR
-Skyrim VR
-the Inpatient
-Monsters of the Deep Final Fantasy XV
-Bravo Team
-God of War
-Tropico 6
-Ni No Kuni 2
-Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
-Horizon Zero Dawn DLC The Frozen Wilds
-Days Gone
-Monster Hunter: World
-Shadow of the Colossus
-Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
-Call of Duty: WWII
-Detroit: Become Human
-Destiny 2

-Decima Engine
-PS Pro

As you can see they showcased 30 titles in 2 hours, leaving almost no time for interruptions. Most of the things shown are exclusives or new features and services. So now I’ll be giving more info on of the above-mentioned things.

This E3 Sony put’s it focuses on it’s PS Pro and it’s VR. As a lot of the above-mentioned titles are VR games and some look very promising. It also showcased the diversity in the VR game as Superhot and Far Point are shooters, Starchild and Moss are platformers. Some also showcase the PS Move for these games as Sparc is a PS VR Sports game and if that ain’t enough for you there are much more adventure games as well like Skyrim VR or the Inpatient. But that’s not all because square also gives us a Final Fantasy XV Spin-off game Monsters of the Deep. That all is just the VR stuff because it’s also about the 4K gaming and how the Pro uses it’s rendering for 4K, but that’s more tech stuff and in-depth looks on how it works.

What also is big news for long time fans is the two reworked games Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Shadow of the Colossus. For big fans, it will be fun to play these games in higher quality. So these games are gone be on every fan’s wish list.

Sony tries to show it modern look on gaming by showing it’s Playlink feature where you use your smartphone as a controller. This is Because in this day and age we all have a smartphone so everyone can easily join in and it’s better than the DualShock controller’s trackpad. But it also functions as a personal second screen that only you can see. This is shown in the game Hidden Agenda where everyone uses its phone as a controller to control the fate of the movie. But is also can be used for wacky fun by using the camera in the game called That’s You. That’s not all because this is for the more casual gamers they want to sell it at 39,99.

Aside from all the awesome trailer for that have been shown one really stuck out for me and that was Detroit: Become Human Because this has been teased 5 years ago as a tech demo and it as been long awaited by fans of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. This might be the next Horizon Zero Dawn and Quantic Dream can really sell a story, so I cant wait.

But that’s not all Sony showed, it also showed us gameplay of Spider-Man and Days Gone and both left me in awe.

There are no word that can do justice to all these trailers and I recommend watching it and are Mid week trailers will also have all the shown trailer in this showcase