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Ever Oasis makes the player really care about building his own village. Using gameplay from Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda, this video game will keep you entertained for almost 30 hours.


Over the last couple of  years the Japanese studio Grezzo developed remasters of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. After gaining experience on the 3DS it’s time for their own project on the Nintendo platform. This review will tell you everything about that game: Ever Oasis.

The adventure starts after witnessing the destruction of the oasis by Chaos incarnate. It’s your task to build a bastion to protect villagers against the growing threat in the desert. The darkness plagues the desert and its creatures, while also feeding itself with the energy of the oasis.

As leader of a tribe you will meet strangers who take a break from their journey through the desert. You’ll want to care for those people so they will stay at your oasis. Recruiting new villagers will attract other people who spend money, so your village will grow even more.

You will need to gather supplies and food or fulfill quests in order to make your folk happy. The transformation from sand to paradise is really noticeable and makes the video game a RPG I got addicted to. Sometimes it even felt like I was playing Animal Crossing.

However, Grezzo’s The Legend of Zelda experience is also clearly present. Gathering the supplies will bring you to dungeons similar  to those in one of the biggest Nintendo franchises. In the dungeons, the player has to complete puzzles and battle enemies. During the first stage of the game those puzzles won’t be hard at all, but as the game progresses you can expect a little bit of challenge.

Nevertheless, Ever Oasis never gets boring. There is always something that feels rewarding. Sometimes it is just getting the experience for defeating enemies after returning to the oasis. Sometimes it is crafting gear at your own house with stuff from your supply run. And sometimes it’s just the fact that you chose the right team. Well, you get it.

Composing your team is necessary when solving puzzles. The main character, for example, can blow away sand to find switches and treasure chests. It is not always clear which characters you will need to solve the puzzles, but fortunately going back to the oasis can be done very quickly.

The same goes for battles: deciding the desired team is the key to success. Each of the three members has light and heavy attacks, and you need to switch between characters if you want to succeed. Unfortunately, the AI is not clever enough to dodge by itself, which leads to frustrating moments in heavy battles.

As I’ve mentioned, Ever Oasis never gets extremely challenging which make these flaws less of an issue.  At the same time Grezzo did not develop any outstanding game element. Still, the player never gets bored. Building your own village is addictive and exploring the dungeons is enjoyable. A mix of Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda.