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Miitopia. It sounds like what you’d expect of a place where Mii live. The game is about Mii kingdoms and the various Mii in them but I imagined it differently. To me, it still looks fine but I just imagined it to be bigger because I imagined millions of Mii that are out there. But the use of MiiCentral did give me some cheap laughs, there also lies a problem these jokes get stale quickly.

Now I would ask myself is there more than these cheap jokes in Miitopia because the gameplay is very simple. you choose one Mii to play the adventure with and from there you only play as that Mii. The other Mii that you can choose to join you are all AI. The fighting is done in simple RPG-style attack, use an ability or run, in a turn-based fashion. Most of the abilities and personality traits trigger randomly during a battle. There aren’t many tactics and actually more luck involved in Miitopia, so it does not take much to learn the game and you can play it casually. The game even asks you after less than an hour if you want to take a break.

The Mii that you encounter are mostly random from MiiCentral unless they have a plot role then you can hand-pick them from your own collection of Mii or from the MiiCentral. In most cases, it will be funny/strange or both because of the random stuff that comes from the MiiCentral. This is because the Miicentral is filled with Pop-icons and they are sometimes so out of place that it is funny. For this reason, I made Shigeru Miyamoto the king in my adventure and it was very funny but it got old very quickly.

The story is very Disney-fairytale-esque and has a lot of the tropes that you expect. This made it very predictable and I would have liked a little surprise in there now and then just to stir things up a bit. The story needs your help to make it funny with the choices of faces you pick for characters like I did with Shigeru Miyamoto. This means it needs a lot of your creativity to make its story funny.

Miitopia is meant for a young player or casual gamer, so it’s meant to play for short instances to enjoy the most. The jokes got old too quickly for me and became very predictable. I would also have liked it if I had more control over my party than just one character.