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The latest entry in Nintendo dress-up series adds some new pop-star focussed features but remains the same game underneath.


Nintendo has released the third installment in their “New Style Boutique” series that started in 2012. After part 1 and Fashion Forward (part 2) the third installment, dubbed Styling Star, is here. We got guest-reviewer Rosanne to try out the game and here are her thoughts.

Like it’s predecessors New Style Boutique 3 is a dress-up game which focusses on styling rising stars to bring more fashion to the city, a lofty goal indeed. This installment gains new options for hair and clothing but also adds nails to the mix. There also new shops like a hair salon and men’s wear. Through these stores, you can earn money and so-called style points. These style points are relevant to the game’s rank system which in turn ties into the story’s progression. The game also has an achievement system it calls awards.

Decorating your store uses the dollhouse mechanic from the previous game. The game uses Amiibo to unlock certain designs. For instance, an Animal Crossing Amiibo would unlock an Amiibo shirt. However, this isn’t as simple a scanning the Amiibo and collecting your reward. After scanning the Amiibo a character will enter your boutique. After helping them out you can claim your reward. While this is a little more interesting than simply scanning it does get a bit tedious.

In the design center, you can buy designs made by other players. This means you can also sell your own designs as well, but doing so will prevent you from selling that design in your boutique. There is also the Shop Do feature that allows you to visit other player’s boutiques to view up to three outfits and take pictures with the owner.

There are several options in the game linked to styling your stars. One of the nicest ones is the messaging option that allows you to check if your client needs some new clothes, hair, make-up, etc. New is the “Mewtube” feature that allows you look back on songs and change their style.

New Style Boutique is fun and relaxing game to pick up for short times. It’s not a game you’ll play for massive play sessions.The stronger emphasis on story is a definite improvement even though the story progression is on the slow side. The number of clothing items has also increased which is a good thing for a game like this. Personal favorites include the goth and lolita dresses. The visuals of the game have been slightly altered since the last iteration. While this is obviously a taste-thing the songs included are fun and catchy.


New Style Boutique 3 is an incremental update on the previous entry. While it has a bunch of new additions it is still a dress-up game. So if you’re looking for something new you may want to look for something else. But fans of the series know what to expect.