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Short but very sweet. A unique puzzler.

Level Design

Mobile games tend to provide a limited gaming experience when compared to console games, giving them something of a bad reputation. But once every while a game shows up that breaks this trend and provide an experience that is truly special. Monument Valley was one of those titles and now a new one has arrived: Gorogoa. . While labeling it a mobile game might not be entirely justified, given it’s out on more non-mobile platforms then mobile, but it fits the profile. Lucky for us, Gorogoa is also available on the Nintendo Switch which merits a review!

I heard about this game on a podcast discussing the best games of 2017. The game’s title made it somewhat difficult to find but I’m very glad I did. Spawning from the mind of designer and illustrator Jason Roberts Gorogoa provides a truly unique, captivating, mesmerizing and downright magical experience. The game is a puzzle game that tells a captivating tale using beautiful hand-drawn art. The game has no text or dialog which only enhances the experience.

As is often the case with unique games they are very difficult to explain. To give you a good impression be sure to check out the trailer, but only do so if you’re still unsure. Otherwise I’d highly recommend going knowing as little as possible.

Gorogoa is a sort interactive story that uses four story panels to help the players progress through the story. The player has to manipulate these four panels to solve various puzzles and move the protagonist forward. These manipulations can vary from splitting a single panel, to combine others and move certain panels to the right position. The mechanics are simple and the game even aids you to show what parts are interactive (but you can switch this feature off). Due to its simplicity, the result is a wonderous exploration of the game’s world and story.

The game is very short though. I finished the game on my first try. But I don’t want to fault the game for this. The trip was magical and satisfying. What bothered me most was the price for the game on Switch. In Europe the pricetag is 15 euros, which is quite a hefty price for a game this short. To put that in perspective this is the same price as going to a 3D movie and the entertainment time is probably similar. If this price is too steep for you consider checking it out on iOS for roughly a third of the price. While I haven’t played that version I’m confident it provides the same experience.

There is little more to say about Gorogoa. Going into more detail will simply spoil the experience. Discovery is what the game is all about and the more I tell you about the game itself simply detracts from it, this also goes for the trailer which I consider slightly spoilery. If your looking for something entirely new and you enjoy puzzle games then definitely check out Gorogoa. You can complete it in a few hours but it’s worth the effort.