Nintendo unveiled something totally unexpected today: Nintendo Labo. After teasing an announcement earlier in the day for a new interactive experience for the Switch they dropped the trailer at 23:00 CET.

At this point little is more known but it seems like a “Google Cardboard” take on playing video games. The announcement covered two “Toy-Con” sets shown in the trailer. Each containing a Switch gamecard accompanied by a cardboard build-set that can be used in conjunction with the Switch. The announced sets also include a customisation set to spice up your cardboard contraptions.

The Toy-Cons on display in the trailer include a piano, a fishing rod, some kind of steering wheel and a robot-backpack type thing. The process apparently entails constructing something out of cardboard, customising it and then playing with it in conjunction with the included software.

It sounds perfect for my 6-year old son and totally unique and creative. Nintendo is organizing a bunch of workshops for parents to show off what it entails. It’s so out there that I have no proper to judge what it will turn out to be, but it’s safe to say Nintendo keeps surprising us.