Nintendo have announced that the Switch has shipped 14,56 Million units since the system’s launch last March. For those keeping score, yes, that means the Switch outpaced the WiiU’s lifetime sales in under a year. The holiday season (a period of three months) nearly doubled the system install base by accounting for 7,2 Million units shipped.

On the software end things weren’t too bad either. Somewhat surprisingly Mario Odyssey outsold Breath of the Wild by over 2 million units. Odyssey sold 9,07 million copies, where Zelda sold 6,7 million (on Switch alone). Even Mario Kart 8 outsold Links’ latest with 7,33 Million. Splatoon 2 was sold 4,91 million times making it another hit for Nintendo. In total Nintendo shipped 52,57 games for the Switch. It’s safe to say the Switch is doing well.

While all those numbers are all nice and dandy Nintendo did also reveal some other news. Most surprisingly, perhaps, is the announcement that they are developing a Mario Kart title for smart devices. This should definitely be interesting but apart from the logo and title (Mario Kart Tour) nothing was announced. The game should arrive in the coming fiscal year.

More relevant Nintendo also revealed something about their upcoming Switch online service. The service which was originally announced for late last year will now launch in September. Other than that date nothing else was announced, so speculation on what the service will entail can continue.

Finally, the company confirmed that they are working on a Mario animated movie with Illumination, the studio behind Despicable Me and Minions. Other than that Shigeru Miyamoto is involved as a producer, nothing was disclosed.