As we all know Destiny 2 launched a little while ago, so why am I writing about it now?

Well, originally I did have a review planned for the game but I decided to wait. Why? you ask. Honestly, whilst I was playing the game I came to the realization that maybe, just maybe, Bungie has done it again. And by that, I don’t mean that they’ve created another amazing game. No, quite the opposite actually. Bungie managed to somehow repeat the exact same issues that plagued Destiny 1’s launch. I wanted to see how it played out for the community and Bungie themselves. I don’t know if I’d call this a review but more of an analysis of something I like to call ‘The Destiny Syndrome’.

So what exactly is ‘The Destiny Syndrome’? I like to define it as an ignorance on the level of business product development with regards to what the consumer wants and expects from the second rendition of a product. If you’ve followed Destiny 1’s life cycle you know that the original launch was terrible. The story was vague and felt empty and the content was lacking. The first expansion flopped by delivering so little content it was disgraceful. Now let’s look at the launch of Destiny 2. The story first half of the story was better but still fell flat in the second half. And once again the content was still lacking. Notice any similarities? It’s Destiny 1 all over again.

I believe that Destiny 2’s situation is even worse because of the addition of ‘Eververse’, which is a microtransaction store in the game which allows players to spend real money for in-game items. Sadly, it seems that Activision may have had too much influence over Bungie on what they wanted in that store. With most of the unlockable items being locked away behind real-world purchases with your hard earned money. As you can imagine that didn’t sit too well with a great many people. Which caused Bungie to add more unlockables through actual progression in the first expansion. Which, by the way, weren’t too fantastic altogether.

I’ve spent plenty of time playing Destiny 1 and 2 over their release periods. As of now, I’ve completely abandoned the game until there is a significant change in the way that Bungie and Activision treat their fans and player base. I appreciate that games are hard to make. Personally, I’d never be able to do such a thing but what I do not understand is the complete lack of transparency and ignorance that seems to happen with the post-launch development of Destiny 2.

It seems that Bungie is afraid to take leaps to significantly change the game. Why are players waiting months and months for an update that only changes the sandbox in a minor way? Considering the size of Bungie Studios and the funding of Activision behind them why aren’t changes being made? A perfect example of this happened quite recently, players had been waiting for months for a large update named the ‘Go Fast’ update. Now let me tell you what changed: player movement speed was adjusted, some weapons got upgraded slightly and they finally added features to the game that were already present in Destiny 1. Months for an update that just did so little and players have been sick of waiting for changes that never happen

I loved Destiny in the past, I used to play every day. Talk to friends about Destiny, watch videos about Destiny, read the forums about Destiny. And now I ignore Destiny and sadly it’s not just me who feels this way. A large majority of all Destiny themed Youtubers and Streamers have abandoned the game completely because they feel burned by Bungie and Activision. There’s a massive wedge between developers and the community and that old school Bungie bond of trust has apparently been broken. Gone are the days of the Bungie we once knew.

Inside I do still have a bit of hope for Destiny. I want the game to be successful, just like I want all games to be. But it’s a distant dream and I fear that if things don’t get better by the large expansion they have planned for September then Destiny 2 could be in a very very dangerous place. Bungie is taking action, a new event they are calling the ‘Summit’ is to take place soon. They’ve invited many members from the community to discuss the future of Destiny. What they want to do and what we the players would like to see. It’s a step in the right direction but will they actually stick to it? Will there be another disastrous launch for Destiny 3? Will the cycle continue? All these questions I don’t have an answer for yet but I’m hoping Bungie and Activision can dig their way out of this one.

I could go on forever about this, there’s a lot to say about the issue but there’s only so much time in the world so I’ll keep it short. I believe in what’s left of Bungie. They’re taking steps in the right direction but sometimes to catch the ball you need to run or it’ll just hit the ground. Maybe Bungie can catch the ball that is Destiny. Maybe they’ll save it before it hits the ground and shatters. I hope so. Destiny is one of a kind. It brought things into a game I had only dreamed of. Let’s hope this works out. For Bungie. For the Community <3 .