E3 Season has finally begun and to kick it all off we have EA. Clocking in at around 90 minutes there was a bit of information about some of the hottest upcoming games. But EA’s conference wasn’t the strongest start to the week with quite a dry conference overall. Nothing too exciting from EA just yet but there’s still plenty of announcements that could be made in the following days.

Recently EA has been investing in smaller development teams and funding their passion projects. This holds true to a new game; Sea of Solitude or SoS for short. The game is produced by Mo Jie Studios. The game is a small indie that is putting quite a strong focus on the theme of loneliness with the idea of when humans get too lonely they become monsters.

Players will embark the story as Kay, she’s become so lonely she’s become a moster covered in black feathers and is trying to rediscover hapiness and what can help her become human again however along her journey she dscovers there are much darker things at hand.

EA managed to pull out Unravel Two at their conference which isn’t a massive surprise after the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the first game.

This time around players have to start fresh in a new area. But with new beginnings come new adventures and friends. Yarny will have a new friend who will be venturing alongside him in their epic heartfelt adventures.

Players will be able to switch between the two characters whenever they like and this opens up new avenues of play and new opportunities for fun and storytelling. I can see our heartstrings being played with again.

Best of all; Unravel Two is available to play right now on!

For the PC players out there EA hasn’t forgotten about you either. There’s a new tier to Origin called the Premiere membership which allows members to get access new games such as Battlefield V, Fifa 19, Madden NFL 19 and the highly anticipated Anthem all before launch.

You’ll also be able to access hundreds of EA games from EA partnered studios as well as save up to 10% on special digital purchases on Origin.

Last but not least we do have some news about Anthem. The game will be launching on February 22nd 2019. The details are still sparse about Anthem but Bioware is taking a story heavy focus in the game and will be setting the groundwork for a game that can be expanded upon for the years to come. Which is a good sign for the life expectancy of the game however with still little knowledge about the game there’s still plenty of reason to be sceptical until we know more.


For the latest E3 news stayed tuned right here at Nisute as we’ll be here all week long giving you the latest gaming news as it comes.