Devolver Digital is back this E3 with an, even more, crazier and hilarious sketch. But there is also a lot of fake gore and rude behaviour so let this be your warning. With this E3 they again take a piss on the gaming industry and nothing was off limit. they made fun of the battle royal genre and that everything on E3 is scripted and fake. They take every joke too far but they do it to prove there point.

the first game they show was Scum for the PC, an MMO survival shooter that is totally not comparable to a battle royal(sarcasm). It is available in early access and expected to release in August.

They couldn’t resist making fun of the lootbox controversy and also the cryptocurrency market. they did this by introducing their new lootbox coin which is totally un-farmable and so secure nobody knows’s its value. they made it as a joke but you can actually buy one to support them or to stick it to them.

the second real thing they show was My Friend Pedro, a 2D platformer shooter. it’s totally bananas with a mix of bally and shooting stuff. The humour is the same as that of Deadpool and it releases in 2019 for the Switch and PC.

They finished with Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a remake of the game with the same name. it’s a game with Gundam fighting and bad voice acting, it will release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.