E3 Has officially begun with Microsoft’s fantastic showcase which stacked up 50 games for us to see. You’re really in for a treat. Whilst I won’t be going over everything in this piece I’ll give you a snapshot of some of my personal highlights.

The event kicked off with a bang with the announcement of Halo: Infinite. Sadly for Halo fans out there the details on this game are incredibly sparse. The short trailer showed off a lot of wildlife, some marines and our very own legend Master Chief himself. By the looks of it, we may even be going back to a Halo Installation as the setting which is very exciting for fans.

The game will be running on the all new SlipSpace engine which opens up new possibilities for the game and it’s potential. There was no release date or gameplay which implies the game is probably in the early stages of development.

Moving on, Phil Spencer waved in the announcement of Gears of War 5 and Gears: Tactics. Gears Tactics is a PC based turn-based strategy game that’ll bring the COG & Locust onto the PC platform later this year.

As for Gears 5 we got a trailer and some gameplay that highlighted what direction the story is heading and what new foes we should expect to see. Spoilers for Gears of War 4 ahead!

The new gears game will be following the story of Kait Diaz and her reaction and changes after finding out her family connection to the locust. How will she cope with the discovery? How do her squad feel and most importantly is she changing for the better or worse?

It’s also important to note that Gears of War has seemingly been rebranded into “Gears” in an effort to expand the series further and even able to make Gears Pop Toys that’ll debut later on.

Another game I was quite excited to see more of was Metro: Exodus. The post-apocalyptic shooter got a lengthy new trailer that showed gameplay and looks very promising. The game is set to release on February 22nd. By the looks of it, there are plenty of ugly mutated beasts to be mowed down and developers 4A games say they want Metro Exodus to be the most ambitious Metro game yet!

There seems to be a pretty high emphasis on the customisation of weapons and equipment and a wide array of weapons to spill that sweet mutant blood. Very exciting to see Metro taking a spot at the start of the show.

Xbox also took the time to cover some of the exclusive games that launched this year and are attempting to get them back on track. For the uneducated Sea of Thieves and PUBG have had a rough start but there’s still hope.

We got a nice trailer for Sea of Thieves which covered the bases of the next two expansions; Cursed Sails & Forsaken Shores. Cursed Sails is set for a July release while Forsaken Shores should be arriving in September. We can presume from pre-existing information that Cursed Sails will be introducing AI ships into the world of Sea of Thieves and Forsaken Shores will be introducing a new playable area for players to plunder. Hopefully, they’ll be able to pull Sea of Thieves from its watery grave.

PUBG made a short appearance in the form of a trailer that introduced new information to players. We should be expecting the new Sanhok map in the summer of this year as well as the new large-scale War game mode that’ll pit players against each other in a highly intense firefight. Sanhok is a much smaller map and should tighten up gameplay and make PUBG more accessible and enjoyable for players who don’t have time to sit through a long match on the other two maps; Erangel and Miramar. We also received a short tease for a new snow based map set to release in the winter of this year. With the PUBG Xbox development team expanding hopefully PUBG can get back on track.

To wrap this up with finally saw a glimpse of The Division 2! The game is moving away from the snowy streets of New York and will be moving down to a new summery Washington DC. The game is set to release on March 15th 2019 and the Beta registration is currently open. Whilst we didn’t get much in the form of details we did get some sweet gameplay. It looks true to the original whilst also introducing a new layer of fresh paint to jazz things up a little. I’m definitely excited.

Microsoft really brought some great games and news for players this year. There’s plenty more to come. Stay tuned right here at Nisute for the latest as it comes.