Nisute is a fully independent website that sets out to share the latest news and developments within the video-game industry with the internet. Our team of aspiring writers aim to keep you up to date and give their honest opinion about upcoming games, consoles, accessories and other industry-related trends. Most of us have some kind of background within the industry from which to draw experience, others are merely enthusiastic and opinionated. A fair share of us fill both criteria.

Our site’s content consists of reviews, previews, news articles, columns, trailers… We cover events like E3, Gamescom, Tokyo Gameshow and many, many more.

No one is pulling the strings from behind the scenes; every opinion you find on our site is one hundred percent ours. That said, we enjoy good relations with several major players within the world of videogames and are ever looking to expand our network, both with existing and aspiring developers, as well as with those who are interested in video-game journalism.

We do it all because we share a passion: a passion for video-games and the gaming lifestyle. Because we care about honest journalism. We do it because we want to share this passion with you. Please feel welcome to follow us as we endeavour to provide an unbiased and honest view of the latest in gaming to you, the gamer.  Enjoy our website, and perhaps Nisute can become part of you as well!



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For all correspondence concerning press articles, event coverage,
interviews and Nisute facts, use the following adress: information(at)

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We are open for public every first Saturday of the month (see our Meetup page)
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Usually we are always at the office from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. Just know we don’t sell anything nor are we buying anything. But your always welcome to talk about journalism and game related stuff.