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Mass Effect Andromeda: The Promise of a Brighter Future

After a succesful trilogy where players followed the adventures of Commander Shepard, Mass Effect Andromeda takes players to a totally new galaxy. We make a fresh start as Pathfinder Ryder, a human tasked with charting the planets of the newly discovered Heleus Cluster in order to plan out how the fresh colonists are going to form new civilizations in a whole different part of the universe. Ryder arrives in a space ark, where thousands of volunteers have been sleeping in cryo-stasis for over 600 years, and reaches the only outpost yet established by space travelers from the Milky Way – The Nexus. After an eventful first impression of the new galaxy – and one with a less than ideal outcome – you become are tasked with finding new planets to inhabit for the people that wish to start a new home in Andromeda.

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