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Mario Sports: It’s in the Game

If there is one thing Nintendo does no longer need to prove, it is that they can take popular sports and turn them into something more colorful and playful, add a few Mario characters and still make it into an enjoyable and solid game. A long line of Mario-themed Sports games are testament to this, starting as far back as the NES if you want to count Golf and Tennis.
But even when you have the concept down, you occasionally lose focus. That’s when you get things like Mario Sports Superstars on 3DS.

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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King 3DS review

Like many people in the US and Europe, Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2 was the first Dragon Quest game I ever played. It is a video game series that is best known for its art style by Akira Toriyama (well known for being the creator of the Dragon Ball series) and pun-filled stories. As one of the most prominent J-RPG series out there, I would definitely recommend you give it a go.

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A Summer vacation on Alola – Pokemon Sun and Moon Review

The Pokémon franchise celebrated it’s 20th birthday this year with a VC rerelease of the original GameBoy games on 3DS, saw the revival of the Pokémon craze from back in the late 90’s and of course gave us the birth of the seventh generation of Pokémon in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The latest installments of the popular franchise have a lot to live up to given how popular the series has been during its twenty year existence. So far, the Pokémon series has always played it safe, with minimal but crucial changes, improving the core gameplay only a step at a time, each generation’s biggest change being the introduction of a hundred-or-so new creatures to catch and train. Pokemon Sun and Moon don’t quite introduce as many new Pokémon, but rather refresh the feel of the overall game, and with success. Sun and Moon quite probably feel the freshest of all main Pokémon games since the release of the original generation.

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