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Review: Dragon Ball found its place among the Fighterz

The popular Dragon Ball series has been good for a large library of videogames inspired on it ever since the late 80’s. Dragon Ball games have come in many varieties and of all genres, but as is to be expected from a series based on martial arts, the lion’s share have been fighting games. Dragon Ball Fighterz is the newest one on the list looking to breathe new life in the formula, and it’s just so happens to be it might.

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PlayStation Plus in December – Fairy Tales and Spies

PlayStation and Xbox owners almost unanimously pay for their PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play their favorite games online, but sometimes gamers tend to forget that there are also free games to enjoy as part of their subscription. This recurring column takes a look at what games are on offer with a PlayStation Plus Membership on PS4 in particular and aims to inform whether they are worth putting down your other games for.
This month, December, we take a look at Stories: Path of Destinies and Invisible, Inc.

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